[AUSIA] Hide and Seek Fun Event

Hey helpers! Today the [AUSIA] Division logged on for a fantastic HF Hide and seek over on CPR – Zipline!!! We had loads of fun trying to find the other helpers!! We got a great max of 12+ Helpers!! Here are some pictures we got!

Max: 12+

Comment If you attended!

8 Responses

  1. i totally should have won haha

  2. Nice!
    GG everyone!

  3. Me and Alexei for sure should have won but good job to all the contestants-An710

  4. I attended (Marshmallow)

  5. I was there, also tyyyyyy for high command – Dest

  6. i was there it was so funnnn 😀

  7. Good Game Helpers

  8. […] HQ as well as Mr.Tickles and Moon’s Staff team! Besides that, we had 2 more events! We had a [AUSIA] Hide and Seek plus a rare [US] Igloo and You Decoration Event over on CP Oasis! The AUSIA event brought us, 12+ […]

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