The Conclusion – HF v LT War

Hey there Helpers , This post is all about the War which started last Tuesday – 16th April 2019 between HF and Light Troops. 

Insights about the War from our point of View and the Common HF Point of View.
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How to Battle 101 || A Tutorial by Shad

Shad’s Office~

Club Penguin Army Warfare has been around since at least 2006 where battles would be between different colored penguins where you would just choose a color and go with it by throwing snowballs at the other penguins. Since then armies were formed and then tactics were discovered. Strategies were thrown together to discover which army was more clever than the other. For many years this has been the way to battle. Today I will teach you, the new generation of soldiers of HF CPO – How to Battle.

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Interviews with HF Third-In-Commands: Thoughts on Recruitment and HF

Hello everyone! It’s Solar here 😀 ! Remember mine and Jayden’s last post? The one about Help Force recruitment and why you should join?

Well, this post will be an extension of that discussion. I’ve shared a lot of my thoughts on this subject already, so I felt that my fellow Help Force members should also have a say. And who better than the Help Force third-in-commands – Bestpenguin and CrystalJenny to ask? They’ve never been interviewed before and they haven’t gotten nearly as much spotlight as our beloved Help Force leaders. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight to the interviews!
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The Help Force Insight !

So the Recruitment Segments keep happening now and then and they are pretty fun. It was led by one of our leaders Kavacado the avocado! The segment consisted of a few of us Helpers going to town for recruiting people to come join us! We asked a few people to tell to join us and were battling with them because they thought we were bots! I mean sure we do look like weirdos but hey we are good weirdos. we decided to interview Ms. Kavacado the Avocado and here’s what she had to say!
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Power lies in Experience ~ Shad’s First HF Post

Shad’s Office~

Alright so this is for those that don’t exactly know who I am. My name is Shad and I am the Help Force Advisor. I have been in Armies since 2006 and been off and on with Armies since 2013 with a couple months off in between. I completely left for 2 years in 2017. I have lead many armies with notables such as RPF, UMA, ST, GT, and FGR as well as created a couple armies one being very successful called Black Rebels. Now that I have told you experience with armies let me get down to it.

Now the reason I have decided to write for Help Force is because this is one of my favorite setups in armies I have seen since my time in Shadow Troops in 2012.

  • I can actually feel the comradery in the army and can feel it as more of a family.
  • Everything that your leaders have done to this army is everything an Army needs to be. Fun, serious, and plenty of laughs.
  • Lots of events/segments is what a successful army needs. I see armies all around where troops are complaining and veterans are complaining and I come to this army and never see any of that. This is what an army is about.

If any new troops are reading this whether you have joined or thinking of joining then this army is the one to join. Your leaders have taken an extra step above other armies in my opinion to make this enjoyable. I can go and on about this army, but I will stop for now. All that and more is why I have decided to write for y’all.

Now I will give yall an insight on what some of my post in here will be about  :

I will be writing about philosophy with armies, a Weekly post with a name to be determined which will be released every Sunday, as well as different tips for all of you to help you become more successful in this army.

On my weekly post for Sundays I will be releasing various articles for it and will end with an “Ask Shad” article. The Ask Shad will be for you troops that may have some questions about who knows what that you may have. I will answer them in the post for you. You can either ask me anonymously or public. If it’s anonymous then I won’t put your name in the post if it isn’t then I will put your name out there. For the Ask Shad I will give you a way to send your questions to :
Send your Questions for this Sunday’s “Ask Shad” :
**Direct message me on Discord : My Discord Username is SirShad#5616**

Also at the end of every post I will ask for ideas for future posts :

If you have anything that you would want to post about whether you want tips for so and or tips for this, that, or the other than please let me know. I want YOUR ideas so I know what you, the people, want. I am here for you. I like hearing feedback about everything as it only makes me a better writer. Anyways, that’s all for now. If you want to know anything more about me or who I am then please feel free to ask me on chat. I am always on.

War is Our Peace.

What do YOU think of this post? Have any comments, questions or concerns? We Would like to hear back from YOU! Please leave a comment!