Help Force Insight: Crushing the Competition [7/12-13/12]

Help force Insight: Crushing the Competition


What’s poppin yall? Welcome back to this week’s edition of Help Force Insight where we go over everything that happened this week!!! (Monday-Sunday)


Help Force Insight is about the previous week and this Sunday (Monday – Sunday)

Table of contents

  • What’s happening
  • Army statistics
  • Week in short
  • GoTW Interview

What’s Happening

On December 9th we celebrated and remembered the 1 year anniversary of the HF Exodus, also known as Hexit day with the [EU] Reminiscence of the Helper Exodus. This celebrated the move away from CP Online to CP Armies and the switching to the current Help Force Discord server.


This week we battles two quarterfinal battles! The first was the [AUSIA] Aces Of AUSIA Quarterfinals vs Silver Empire. HF Crushed this battle, winning all three rooms and moving on to the finals. We also saw the [EU] Christmas Chaos X Semi Finals vs RPF. HF gave them a good scare but RPF managed to win this battle.


After an intense week, it was closed out with an update to the HF Hall of Fame! We saw many people be added to hall of fame and multiple people be moved up in their position. This included new power troops, 3 new achievers, and 2 new icons! Congratulations to all those that got honored.

Army statistics

Help Force crushed it this week all across the board.

To start, this week we saw Help Force Reach 3rd place on the Major Armies Top Ten. With an impressive 95.9 points gained this week.
Thanks to CPAH for those statistics.


Over the course of this week we saw an incredible 189 new members join our server!!! Keep up the grand work recruiters.

Furthermore, we saw every single time zone increase their max average this week by a significant amount. All this hard work lead to our weekly average increasing by 14! Amazing work helpers, keep unleashing the power of helping.

Week in short

December 7

We hope you like stamps, because today we logged on for the [INT] Stamp Expedition. It was lead by Planet and RooBoo and maxed a considerable 59+.

December 8

Today was a day of rest for we had a massive battle to prepare. Segments were still hosted throughout the day to keep members prepared.

December 9

HAPPY HEXIT DAY HELP FORCE!!! Today we logged on for the [EU] Reminiscence of the Helper Exodus to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the HF Exodus from CPO into CPA. It was lead by Barnito, Elp, Spotty, and Daswagger and maxed an impressive 60+.

December 10

Today was the calm before the storm.  Although no events took place, Help Force still worked hard recruiting new people and training members to get ready to crush tomorrow.

December 11

To prevent us from getting bored, two tournaments were hosted today. The first a Card Jitsu Tournament by Joonie and the second a Quiziz by Ru! Congrats to all the winner and participants, we hope you all enjoyed

Saturday, December 12

Today was the day we had been preparing for, battle day! The [EU] Christmas Chaos X Semi Finals vs RPF was an incredible battle that maxed an impressive 75+ and was lead by Barnito. Although won by RPF, we gave them a great scare.

Sunday, December 13

No events happened today but that doesn’t mean it was boring. We saw Crystal and Lisa host a game called The Buzz! We hope you all enjoyed playing along and congrats to all those who won.

GoTW Interview

After a week of hard work and strong attendance, this week’s GoTW was won by Anushha#0689. Congratulations to Anushha on winning her first GoTW!

HFI: Hello anushha!! It’s a pleasure and an honor to finally interview such an amazing and hard working person. Tell me, how does it feel to finally win GoTW?

Hello , thank you firstly for sitting down and taking some time for me even though it’s late for you :)) Wining the Gotw felt different and surprising for me mainly because this was an short and spontaneous decision made goal achievement . I wasn’t exactly aiming for it tbh :sweat_smile:
HFI: Of course!! It’s truly an honor to interview such an amazing person and i would already be up anyways. You did an amazing job achieving GoTW, especially considering how spontaneous it was!!! What motivated you to win GoTW this week?

It was moreover one person I would say . I was randomly attending the segments and I am not gonna lie I have never checked the leaderboard before that and @Ru told me to look and I was in the second position that’s when she told me about how the entire Gotw process and how it works . It was her who wanted me to get and I tried to go for it because she pushed me to achieve it :))

HFI: YYEESSS! Ru is so amazing and encouraging to everyone!! :PanDuck~1: I am so glad Ru pushed you to do it and that you achieved it!! Switching topics a little, what do you like to do when your not in HF?

Yes she is :)) . In general I have loads of college works to do but other than that I binge watch something without feeling guilty :sweat_smile: (it’s a talent ) I have a dog I spend a lot of time with him . Meet friends often and go for cycling as well :))

HFI: So many interest!! I wish I was that interesting You should never feel guilty for binge watching, if it was time enjoyed than it wasn’t time wasted. Dogs are amazing, i have two myself!! Can you tell me some more about the dog? :please:

He is a 5 year old Indian spitz breed . He is like always there for me I know it’s a generic reply but I mean it literally as well. Like when I go to my neighbors house he will follow me and wait outside their house and walks me back to my house this happens always . He demands lots of affection :please~3: he just comes plays with you and lies on the floor facing his stomach side up DEMANDING for belly rubs he just loves them he sticks his tongue out and he enjoys it so muchh . I love him he has been a very important person in my life :))

HFI: awww, he sounds like such an amazing and caring dog. He sounds so cute and like a great dog. My dogs are both beagles and super lazy but very affectionate and cuddly. Dogs are honestly so amazing!!! What would you say to anyone going for GoTW?

Aww they seem really sweet imagine cuddling one and the other gets jealous so you gotta cuddle both at the same time :please~3: . What I would say for someone that’s going for Gotw ? I honestly feel like they have to just trust the process and not give up . Because there were some point where real life things popped up and I wasn’t able to attend many segments I almost gave up but so many people here at HF gave me the motivation I needed it really helped me :)) . So to conclude I would say they should have a proper week to balance real life and HF so things will go smoothly(edited)

HFI: such great and encouraging words!! Never give up, an incredible life motto tbh. It was amazing to hear about your incredible dog. Thank you so much for being such a pleasure and honor interview.

And thank you once again for taking the time for me because time zones sucks and being patient as well :)) it’s a great honor to be interviewed by you as well :))

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s edition of HFI! Make sure to comment your favorite part about this week and keep unleashing the power of helping!

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