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A De-Lice-ious story – Part 1: An Introduction

Today is Thursday, December 10th 2020. By the time I started writing this, means I have been two years already in CP Armies and in what I call the Glorious Gracious Motherland: Help Force. It was never of my like to write posts or, better said, doing these kinds of posts because I simply didn’t enjoy doing them. But this is something that has been on my mind for quite some time already and I think it will be better if I share my thought with all of you. My intention is not to attack, offend or provoke anything, nor is this an exposing post of any kind. I just want to “get this off my chest” and maybe, who knows, help others know how to affront these situations.

Time flies

As I said, in December 10th 2020 it was two years of when I first joined a CP Army, Help Force. I still remember what happened the first day I joined. It was actually in October 2018 when I first found out about Club Penguin Rewritten. As everyone else because of the nostalgia I joined the CPR CPPS but because it was the old version I didn’t like it and shortly after joined Club Penguin Online instead. I had had a discord already but never used it because it wasn’t important nor I really had anything to do with it. I joined the Club Penguin Online discord community server and just hanged around there, not talking much. It wasn’t until December when I actually started playing more often Club Penguin, and one of my favorite activities was to collect stamps. Back in the original Club Penguin I had had almost a complete stamp book; I remember I even asked my mom for Christmas and my birthday to get me the Club Penguin Game Day for Wii and the EPF game for DS. I was trying to get the Iceberg drilling stamp, which requires 30 penguins drilling, so I started asking for help in the general chat in the CPO discord. Then, shortly after, I got a dm from someone that had invited me to join a community that helps with stamps. Does this sound familiar? Indeed, it was Ayan who had dmmed me to join Help Force. At the time I never thought that dm would change my life.

First time Ayan dmmed Elp, recruiting him into Help Force.

It was not until January that I actually became active in Help Force, thanks to a Stamp Segment hosted by Bestpenguin. Thanks to him, I actually got to know how Help Force works and the activities that it does.

Looking back now, it’s been one hell of a ride. Little noob Elp didn’t know what he was getting involved into. The army community, the Help Force army, which would give him countless happy moments, stressful ones, nights without sleeping, often procrastination and amazing people.

Help Force Best Force. Hexit event 2020.


A bumpy start

When I was first a new troop, just as everyone else when they joined the army, they had absolutely no clue what was going on. “Have I joined a scam? Are they going to steal my info?” questions like these were normal for newcomers and it was no exception to me. It didn’t take me long to understand the army activities and how things worked around. When I first started to get used to things, I aimed for GoTW. I was, I still am, a boy hungry for power, which I believe is the reason I am where I am right now. The fact that I could achieve “Moderator” in a community was a delicious treat and sweet sound to my ears. So I started becoming more active in the army, attended lots of segments. Since I was on summer vacations, I even attended AUSIA segments, which where around 3 or 5 am for me so I had set an alarm clock. Shout out to Crystal for being my rightful competitor for GoTW that first week, which I proudly beat her and won my first GoTW.

First Elp GoTW post in the HF twitter.

It wasn’t enough for me. I still wanted more so I kept on being active, attending more and thought of winning GoTW for about a whole month in a row. But the second week of GoTW was going to be the first drama ever I had experienced. That was when the January drama, or HF drama, occurred. The army was banned from CPO, Ayan account was “hacked”, people had to leave Help Force and join the new Help Force discord server. At the moment I knew nothing and just followed orders done by CPO mods. Later on, the situation was solved. Ayan was never hacked, Help Force was allowed to return to CPO but the discord server ownership had to be handed over to Epic101, CPO mod and Pirates army leader. That’s when also CPO created a rule, “any discord server that was going to be CPO related whether it was a hangout, army or community had to be owned by a CPO mod”, which clearly broke the Discord ToS. After everything went “back to normal”, I was awarded GoTW for a second time. Shortly after, in February I didn’t get to get my third GoTW because I was promoted by Ayan to Moderator (which is now called General), and Moderators couldn’t earn points anymore. This satisfied my hunger for power but then knowing that one could even rank up the staff roles, it made me even crave for more. Moderator wasn’t going to be enough. I wanted Expert Moderator (which is now called Marshal), I wanted more and more power. Two weeks after I got Moderator, I was promoted to Expert Moderator. By then, that was the quickest promotion a staff had ever gotten in the story of Help Force, and I don’t know if that record was beaten or not.

Jumping forward to March 2019, I had achieved everything I wanted, but I wouldn’t get Leader for any reason. I had become close with Ayan and Spotty, who were the leaders back then. Attacker and Kavacado were also leaders but Attacker had retired by then and Kavacado was just missing. So I set forward a small plan of mine. I told Ayan in a dm we had that I was planning to retire. Ayan, after seeing my potential and acquiring a like towards me, didn’t want to lose me so that night he offered me Leadership. Everything went according to plan. I had confessed there to Ayan that I was hungry for power, that I wanted to become more and more powerful and that I really liked the Help Force community so that night I was made Leader after a hypeful moment we had together.

March 13th, 2019. Ayan had offered leadership to Elp.


Are you still here? Wow. Thanks for making it this far. But don’t worry, you will have more to read later on. For now, you just need to know how things started.


~ Elp, The Lice. Help Force guardian.

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  1. That’s a fat lie, it was no plan of yours you mf. You just wanna sound cool by saying that (wary)

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