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Hola Helpers! Welcome back to Faces of the Force! For those who are new or don’t know what FoTF is… I interview an active member of the Help Force and write a post about them. Every active troop has a chance to get FoTF! I’m so honoured to present you this week’s Face of the ForceTraffic light!

About Traffic light

Traffic light, known as only Traffic, is a really active Helper of the Help Force! She is a very spirited troop who can do incredible puns, so you better call her the pun queen. Her favourite games on club penguin are the puffle ones, ice fishing, dance contest, not the hard mode though, the psa missions, hydro hopper and thin ice! SO MANY RIGHT?! Amazing… you can always find her in EU hours when she’s not in college… so you better talk to her bc she’s the best.


Please note that nothing in the following interview has been edited from its original words.

Monika: HOLA TRAFFIC!!! It’s so nice to have you here with us today! How are you?:EH~14:

 Hello! It’s great to be here! I’m okay, still recovering sadly and will be for a while, how are you? :grin:

Monika: Oh yeah we all heard about the incident but I bet that with a bit of rest everything will be fine! I’m really good thanks for asking :kingcry:…. One question before starting oop… What’s with your name? I remember you were BTS21 (bc I guess you like BTS) but then you changed it to Traffic light so… I was just wondering:joy:

Yes, when I first joined I was BTS21, a mashup of BTS and BT21, but a week after I joined I had my hair dyed red, coke can red for colour scale, and I was always joking that I looked like a traffic light, and that would be my Halloween costume (sadly I ran out of time to make my costume) and then I changed my name as a joke and eventually ended up keeping the name and it’s now what I consider my alter ego, (literally whenever my family are yelling about the “traffic” I always look up thinking people are talking about me)

Monika: OMG HAHA that’s so cool! I remember being so confused when I saw you were in HF and everyone told me it was actually BTS21:joy:… amazing indeed :luv: now…let’s start with the first questions that everyone knows by now oop... When did you join Help Force?

I joined help force on the 2nd of September 2020! I just started my second year of college and wanted some time to kill and randomly decided to play club penguin that day

Monika: WOW haha that’s pretty awesome :sip: running from college I see :joy: and tell us… What’s your current rank?

My current rank is Colonel :grin:

Monika: Amazing, you are already one of the blue gang :heh: Well I see you attend many events since in this time you’ve got Colonel.. How’s been this journey for you?

The journeys been really amazing! I’m so glad I joined I really found my family here. I’ve found myself really missing joining events because of college rehearsals but I hope now it’s finally over I can work my way up more!

Monika: Well we love having you around Traffic! What’s your favourite thing about HF?

My favourite thing about HF definitely has to be the community, I admit when I first joined it took me a while to break our of my shell and talk in the chat, but when I did it felt amazing and you guys were all really really welcoming. I truly feel this group is a second family to me :luv:

Monika: Yeah, I think the community is the best of all! It’s quite amazing :EH~14:… Do you have some favourite memory with the group that you remember? It can be with a group of people as well..

Some of my favourite memories definitely have to be when I used to host skribbl, it used to be the highlight of my day and I’m hoping to revive it again one day! Also pun hour too as that’s definitely the most fun too.

Monika: Those are really good memories… I’m really glad you treasure them! So… I need to ask this Is there a mod you look up to? :eyes:

I really look up to Barney, Wynn, Chickn, Planet, Ru, You, Nelly, mostly all of the mods, as Wynn recruited me and introduced me to the amazing place that is HF, and I think Planet and Chickn were there when I first started talking and really made me feel included in the group, the amount of effort you and the mods and especially Barney put into this group really motivates me to push myself harder in the things that I do :grin:… You all are just so amazing :luv:

Monika: That’s really sweet of you really… now… changing a bit the subject… What do you like to do when you’re not in HF?

Currently when I’m not in HF I’m looking after benji, my 18 month old nephew, if not then I’m usually relaxing listening to music and singing, I also help take care of my nan as well, I also love to bake and colour as well… If I’m not doing any of that I’m doing college work :joy:

Monika: SOMEONE WHO SLEEPS! :juanhue: haha I love to sleep :creepymochasmile: I can sleep 11 hours and still be tired oop…. Music is cool what kind of music do you listen to?

Yess I’m the same, I remember once I had like a 14 hour sleep and still woke up tired, I listen to a mix of genres, so like the Beatles; BTS, blink182, green day, 5sos, 1D and then on the other hand you have bands like guns n roses, system of a down, AC/DC that I always love and have been listening to since I was a kid

Monika: Wow, those are a lot of genres… I LOVE IT!!:mo: you also said you love to bake… you have to please help me with that someday:heh: What do you bake the most?

Haha! I tend to bake a lot of cakes the most, so I make most of my families birthday cakes and cupcakes, recently I tried out a new recipe for chocolate orange cupcakes which went down a blast! Savoury side of things my favourite things to make is pan seared pork belly strips which is really nice, also chicken (not chickn) stir fry and chicken wrapped in bacon topped with cheese went down really well aswell! :chefkiss:

Monika: Everything you say sounds so delicious it makes me want to eat something sweet rn… You do a lot of things omg… and yes not my kid, please :joy:… Do you aim for GoTW in the near future?

Yes! I was hoping to go for GOTW the week of December the 28th, but it’s going to be very difficult because of flash dying not that it wouldn’t be difficult anyway if not I think the best time would be April for me! But since I joined it has been an ambition of mine :grin:

Monika: It’s great to hear you’re gonna go for it someday! And that you want to ofc haha… ONE LAST THING!! Do you have anything to tell the Helpers that are reading this?

To anyone who’s reading this, anything is possible once you put your mind to it, don’t be afraid to make the impossible possible, don’t be afraid to be yourself even if your weird! Everyone has a little bit of weird in them! Always be yourself, take more chances and remember to love yourself :luv:

Monika: Beautiful! Thank you so much for being here today Traffic! It was really awesome :luv:

Thank you so much for having me :luv:

Bueno Helpers, that’s everything for this week! Check in next Sunday for a new edition of FoTF. Make sure to comment any new faces you’d like to see in here or if you’ve learnt something new about Traffic!

Signed, Monika!:juanhue:

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