Help Force Insight: Winter Week [28/20-3/21]

Help Force Insight: Winter Week

What’s poppin helpers? Welcome back to this week’s edition of Help Force Insight, where we go everything that happened this week!


Table Of Contents

  • What’s Happening
  • Army Statistics
  • Week in short
  • GoTW Interview

What’s happening

This week we saw the celebration of the Winter Week 2020! This celebrates the end of this amazing year for Help Force and the amazing things the new year will have in store. It included many fun events hosted by Help Force veterans that were family feud with Ayan , Guess the room with Tistle and Hide and seek with Spotty!

The Winter Week also brought about many awards to conclude this year. This includes the End of the Year Awards 2020! The Results were determined by the votes of helpers on the best person for each category. These categories included Best Commander, Biggest showdown, Ultimate Helper, and many more prestigious awards!

We also saw the HF’s Golden Helpers Award! This extremely valuable award was given out to 5 members of Help force! 40 hard working members were selected and then helpers like you voted to narrow it down to the top 5 members. Congratulations to the 5 who won that award, you are all make this army what it is.

However, it wasn’t all good this week. The end of flash player happening week has been a major blow to the army community as a whole. However, the army is being kept growing and flourshing despite the unfortunate circumstances.

Army Statistics

Due to no events this week this section was skipped.

Week in review

Monday- (December 28)

Today marked the start of the Winter Week 2020! This special week started with Family Feud hosted by Ayan. It was veterans vs helpers! We hope you all enjoyed and had fun playing family feud.
We also saw a fun game of Guess the Room hosted later in the day by Tistle! Congrats to Spotty for winning 1st, and urkurgs and krebi tying for second!

Tuesday- (December 29)

For this day of the winter week we saw Spotty host a great game of hide and seek! Congrats to fruity, planet, Danel10, and urkugs for winning this tournament as a team!

Wednesday- (December 30)

With flash player soon falling away, no events were hosted today but we still grew in strength to prepare for the new era.

Thursday- (December 31)

Today was a sad and devasting day for the army community as a whole because today flash player, along with cp rewritten, hf island and cp armies, all temporarilly or permantly ended as we move onto the html5 era. Despite this, the new era will have a lot of great things in store for help force!

Friday- (January 1)

Happy new year Help Force!!! Let’s make this year one to remember and get ready to shatter more records!

Saturday (January 2)

Still making the switch to html5 websites, Help Force grows in strength for when they get a chance to prove their worth.

Sunday (January 3)

With no cpps to do army activites on, The Help Force waits for their moment to shine and show who is truly the best force.

GoTW Interview

This week, former 2nd in command, Hannah#5000, achieved GoTW after an exhausting week! Congratulations to Hannah for winning her first GoTW

It is such an honor to finally be interviewing you Hannah after you won this week’s GoTW!! After almost a year of not being able to get it, how does it feel to finally achieve it?

It feels great ngl and kinda relieved that i finally got it cause i’ve always wanted it

i am sure it is a huge releif to finally get it. After such a hard week, what did it take to win GoTW?

It took a lot of strength to get up early after having like an hour of sleep but it was worth it

Getting can be so hard sometimes, especially when it’s early. Sounds like a very hard but rewarding week! What command did you pick for achieivng GoTW?



LOL, what an incredible command. Switching topic a little, what do you do when you’re not in HF?

Breaking plastic tables

yes, i know that’s a favorite hobby of yours. One more final question, what wouold you say to anyone reading this interview who is planning on going for GoTW in the future?

Whatever you do, don’t force yourself to get it, make sure you’re taking care of yourself first. If you’re not as busy for a week or feel like you’ll have a lot of spare time then go for it!

Very good advice! As hard as it can be at times, real life should come first. Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed and be such an amazing pleasure to interview!


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