End of the Year Awards 2020 — The Results

ZIPLINE, Vedant’s Restaurant — After three days of voting, and a turnout of over sixty votes, we can now bring to you the results of the End of the Year Awards 2020.

*credits to zamb for the banner, the amazing awards committee for managing this, and Elpiojo for tallying the votes*

Best Commander

1. Vedant

2. Tistle

3. Moon

(Close – Hannah, and Juanita)

Elite Staff Members

1. Nell

2. Rooboo

3. Monika

(Close – Riley, Ru, Jayden, Chickn, and Joe)

Biggest Showdown

1. HF vs. Army of Club Penguin (Aces of AUSIA Finals)

2. HF vs. Doritos of Club Penguin (Legends Cup X Quarter Finals)

3. HF vs. Rebel Penguin Federation (Christmas Chaos X Semi Finals)

(Close – vs. RPF (FoF), WV (FoF), DW (LCX), and ACP (Holiday Semis))

Favourite Tournament

1. Aces of AUSIA

2. Legends Cup X

3. Fight or Fright

(Close – Christmas Chaos X, and CPAM Premiere League)

Most Treasured Army Event

1. The Battle of the Beasts – Halloween Week Branch Battle

2A. Tistle’s retirement event- HF Island Tour

2B. Last Juanita day of 2020 – JTS event

(Close – Squidmits Takeover, Hannah’s Retirement, Obsidian Dragon Takeover, and Phantom Fiesta)

Most Memorable Quote

  • “I feel like I’m watching a soap opera but I started halfway through the season so there’s no context and nothing makes sense but I love it anyway” – Hstergirl
  • “Oh grow up already” – Elp
  • “Can someone ping me when I can comment cuz I really need to poop? Please” – Cooper

Supreme Recruiter

1. Diwix

2. Comedy

3. Snowflake

(Close – Lisa, Sahil, Marshmallow, and Sommer)

Best Romantic Ship

1. Barnell

2. Elpyan

3. Josh & Jc

(Close – Sprince & Traffic, Kasnah, and Janez & Holly)

Ultimate Helper

1. Diwix

2. Comedy

3. Snowflake

(Close – Sharky, Hstergirl, Nafis, Xtra, and Sahil)

Most Hilarious Moment

1. Juanita Day

2. #Simp4Vedant

3. Duolingo Raid

(Close – Rohan’s Alts, SharkyAvenger, Rin Force, and Kasnah Wedding)

That concludes the End of the Year Awards 2020. Congratulations to all the winners. Winning a yearly award is a massive honour and shows how much you are valued in this community. Thank you to everyone who voted and just like last time, the awards were a huge success.

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