HF’s Golden Helpers Award — 2020

The newly introduced title of “Golden Helpers” is arguably one of the greatest honors a person can achieve in the Help Force. Being a Golden Helper means that you have influenced the community throughout the year. Through a vigorous voting procedure that includes both the ‘HF 13’ points, we could narrow our list down to the top five inductees this year. With around eighty submissions in total, many notable people didn’t make it to the award list. Be it the staff effort by dignitaries like Rooboo, Monika, and Jayden or the recruitment streak by troops like Diwix, Snowflake, and several others, these achievements throughout the year have shaped the army to become successful.

2020 was a remarkable year for the Help Force. Achievements ranging from a complete rebuild to the second trophy for the army, every helper made their mark on the army. Many argue over the “popularity” aspect of awards. Is popularity the only factor for winning a title? or is it based on the effort put in by various people? And the reality is that an award gains importance only when both of the pillar factors combine into one.

Earlier, one of my friends mentioned,
“Awards are just popularity votes and recency bias,” I stress that while this may be true for simple awards, but when you choose to present multiple favorites of yours, the scope of it being biased becomes minimal. We could argue that a person not on the list deserved a position, but it wouldn’t change the fact that the ones on here sculpted the army’s shape in 2020.


The Undaunted Prodigy (650)

After seeing all the changes Help Force went through in 2020, I can say that Barnito has become one of the greatest leaders Help Force ever had. He first joined the army in April 2019 as a failed Spanish mod because he didn’t actually speak Spanish. He was condemned to be a General for a long time but worked his way up and proved himself worthy of becoming 2ic in May 2020 and finally, after Tistle’s retirement, achieved the Leader in August 2020. His loyalty, passion, determination, and dedication to the army are the best qualities that have awarded him his position today.

Being very quiet, but observing everything. Learning how things work and making his way to success, Barnito has managed to break many records in almost every way possible. He obtained the highest score ever in the CPAH Top Ten, led HF up to the Semi-finals in the Christmas Chaos X tournament, and won in the Aces of AUSIA. He managed to have the biggest recruitment week, 512 in 4 days, breaking the previous record the Hispanic community had back in CPO; and obtained the event with the biggest max ever of 121+ for the Winter Week event, also the previous record of the Candy Corn event back in CPO. Implemented a training system for the new troops during the tournament times and made changes within the staff, giving them more voice in army matters and how the community would be managed. He is truly one of the most influential leaders Help Force ever had, the Eastern King, and definitely the Undaunted Prodigy.

—Elpiojo123, Help Force Legend & Guardian


The Fixated Architect (487)

Of all those who influenced the army’s growth this year, I have been greatly impressed by Tistle, the one who has left a meaningful mark in the community, leading the Help Force through the toughest of circumstances. In my opinion, he was the key reason and was most responsible for the rise and peak of the Help Force after the coup. I have not seen Tistle be anything but painstaking; even despite his co leader’s retirement, we remained strong as an army and as a community. Having made readjustments in the ranks and the discord server, Tistle was focused on bringing back the prime activity that the army lacked.

Not a day went by without Tistle encouraging us to push harder during the Legends Cup; his perseverance was why the Help Force achieved so much. Over the time that I have known him, his mentorship was crucial for me to learn the ropes of leadership. Who would have thought that Help Force would defeat DCP and DW during the LCX tournament? When everyone expected us to lose early on in the quarterfinals, Tistle’s determination and good leadership skills helped us reach the Finals. We’ve witnessed our welsh leader coming up with innovative ideas not only on the CP battlefield but in the army’s discord server as well. I’ve been more than attentive when Tistle reorganized the server’s whole structure, from ranks and colors to channels and rules, only to use the same concepts as guidance for another server revamp, later, during my leadership. For all these and for making sure the Help Force remains vigorous, I believe that Tistle can be referred to as our ‘Fixated Architect.’

—Vedant, Help Force Commander


The Queen of the Masses (378)

Nell, the Elite Staff member award’s achiever, joined Help Force at the beginning of January. Feeling joyful about the army, she crafted herself diligently to such unique activeness. Seeking my attention, I saw so much potential and humbleness in her actions and dedication and sought the staff’s attention, who approved her staff application. Working hard patiently, guiding many off-track helpers, and endeavoring great effort does she prove to leaders and legends that “Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” As months passed, she kept contributing and committing abounding effort that led her, briskly, to achieve Admiral, 3rd in command.

Nell is a very lovable person in Help Force; everyone trusts her and goes to her as a very loyal and humble friend for any matter. She really deserves earning 1st place as Elite Staff in which she took happily and thankfully. I am truly privileged and pleasured to work with her but not only that but to truly immense a good friendship with her which is above all. Supporting our leader, Vedant, of the last era of 2020, she gave so much extreme work to break the records with him, exceed expectations, and at the same time give us all guidance and leadership, which shows how much improvement she accomplished in a wisely balanced way. She took part in leading the Semi-Finals of Aces of AUSIA, and that was her first battle leading in which she truly and successfully aced. “It was the hardest thing to do, to describe her,” and truly, the journey and destinations from her are more to come.

—Rooboo, Help Force Marshal


The Grey Eminence (373)

An ‘éminence grise’ or ‘Grey Eminence’ is a powerful decision-maker or advisor who operates “behind the scenes.” The strategist behind the throne, Elp, has proved to be of extreme importance for the Help Force. Adjusting himself into every scenario, he started this year by rejoining the leadership after the HF Exodus. He stepped down to an advisory position, which later became the Guardian of the army. Of all the people I have worked with, Elp has been the most inspiring and unscathed colleague. His determination and loyalty towards protecting the army is nothing if riveting to witness.

The Man Behind the Curtain also led the ‘Pina Colada Olympics’ project, which brought in a wave of excitement and activeness among the community. Not only was it a huge success, but it also paved the way for the entire army community to be a part of the Help Force’s activities. Famous for his voice-chat parties, communist ideologies, and storytelling, he continues to be the hype factor for the Help Force. Elp has proved to be an asset for the army and has been the main advisory for the five leaders this year witnessed. Joey to my Chandler, Watson to my Sherlock, he is the epitome of a true friend and the authentic protector of Zipline.

—Ayan, Help Force Creator & CPA Legend


The Vibrant Achiever (311)

Over the last year, I’ve witnessed such vast development for Hannah in Help Force that was not matched by any other. Determined and successful, Hannah began the year becoming a moderator and sticking with the army through the February coup drama. Her commitment shone as she recruited hard and contributed a lot to growing the army, achieving Marshal. She helped her fellow moderators and me out a lot and was a part of the large growth in the EU division towards the middle of the year. Her promotion to Admiral came before the Legends Cup tournament, which she supported me all the way. She acted as a Head Moderator in many ways, aiding the other staff with organization and event planning, which was extremely helpful.

As the end of August arrived, Hannah stepped up to Chief, leading alongside Vedant for the sixth generation with all her hard work paying off. She continued to help grow the divisions of the Help Force, even leading in some important battles. Her tenure as leader lasted 2 months before opting to retire from leadership. Despite this, she is still active today, and I am delighted that she is still in the community to bring cheer and support each day. Her random and original sense of humor was reflected in those around her as she always made the community feel welcome and included. This year, Hannah was a vital asset to the army, bringing joy and happiness with her vibrant personality and fully deserving of her place on this list.

—Tistle, Help Force Stalwart

And with that, Help Force’s ‘Golden Helpers’ of 2020 comes to an end. After an exhausting point count for the ’13’ lists, we believe that these five people have been responsible, more than anyone, for the Help Force’s success in 2020. A huge thanks to everyone who voted in either of the sessions. From rebuilding the army to winning several battles, this year was memorable. Marching onto an era with no flash, several challenges lie ahead of us, and that is the roller-coaster ride we all have to sit in. Happy New Year, and Unleash the Power of Helping.


HF Creator & CPA Legend

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