Help Force Insight: The Beast in the East [14/12-20/12]

Help Force Insight: The Beast in the East


What’s poppin helpers? Wecome back to this week’s edition of Help Force Insight, where we go over everything that happened this week! (Monday-Sunday)

Help Force Insight is about the previous week and the following Sunday (Monday-Sunday)

Table of Contents

  • What’s happening
  • Army statistics
  • Week in short
  • GoTW Interview

What’s happening

On the 20th we had the [AUSIA] Aces Of AUSIA Finals vs Army of Club Penguin. This intense final battle between Help Force and ACP was tight, intense, and highly anticipated. Help Force smashed it by maxing 85+ and wining the battle 3-, and taking home the precious Aces of AUSIA 1st place trophy.


With the impressive max at the battle, Help Force smashed numerous records. This beat the highest AUSIA max record, won the second tournament for Help Force, and broke the highest max record. Last but not least, this incredible success and impressive accomplishment earned Vedant, commander of Help force the title of stalwart in the HF Hall of fame! Congratulations, it is very deserved.

Army Statistics 

This week was saw a considerable 166 members join the server!! Amazing job to all you recruiters!

We saw Help Force drop to 4rth on the Top Ten Armies [12/13/20-20/12/20] with 73.37 points. Special thanks to CPAH for that statistic!

This week we saw lower attendance than last week. However, we still managed an impressive 45 members average though out the week. Great work helpers, keep up the incredible work!!!

Week in Short

 Monday (December 14)

Today we had the [INT] Christmas Tree Party! This event will leaf you breathless because it maxed 40+ and was lead by Riley, Monika, Rooboo and Wynn!

Tuesday (December 15)

YEEHAW Helpers! Because today we had the [AUSIA] Santa’s Reindeer Round Up! This maxed 35+ and was lead by Jayden, Crystal, and Vedant.
Happy Jusnita Dya!!! Later in the day, we logged on for the [EU] Christmas Themed JTS Event.  Maxing 36+, it was lead by Vedant and Elp

Wednesday (December 16)

We hope you like stamps, because today we had the [INT] Stamp Crusade! It maxed an impressive 62+ and was lead by our own Riley. Later in the day, we logged on for the [US] Santa Hat Takeover lead by Chickn, Planet, and Maya!

Thursday (December 17)

Today we logged on for [EU] OPERATION: REVELIt was lead by Vedant and Nelly and maxed 31+. We hope you got some good training for the upcoming Finale.

Friday (December 18)

Today we prepared for battle with triple events! The first was [AUSIA] OPERATION: BATTLE PREPARATION hosted by Jayden, it maxed 33+. Then we had the [EU] PLECTRUM POWERlead by Rooboo and Wynn, it maxed 36+. Finally, we had the [US] STAMP MISSIONS ON CPR lead by Chickn and Planet, it maxed 47+.

Saturday (December 19)

Today was a day of rest before the madness that would ensue tomorrow. Help Force kept busy with fun stamp raids and intense recruiting taking place throughout the day!

Sunday (December 20)

Today was the much anticipated day, the [AUSIA] Aces Of AUSIA Finals vs Army of Club Penguin! We showed them how to Fight for Glory, because this battle maxed an incredible 85+!!  This amazing batte was lead by Vedant. It won Help Force it’s second tournament win and secured Help force as the Beast in the East.

GoTW Interview

Through hard work and dedication, this week we saw comedy#5948 win her third GoTW and take the title of GoTW Specialist! Congratulations, it is an amazing accomplish few achieve in Help Force.

Hello comedy!! It is a pleasure to be interviewing you again! How does it feel to finally have won your third GoTW and now won the title GoTW Specialist?

That’s right! It felt really great to be honest, to get that final win. Although it was probably the toughest of them all

HFI: Oh? What made this GoTW more difficult than the rest?

Well, Diwix certainly did his best and it was very close for a long time. I swear he never sleeps! We were tied for some time, but it was fun. He’s always a fun competitor because he goes all out but never wants to tear you down either. We recruited together a lot regardless of the contest.

HFI: Nobody in HF sleeps :hehe~1: . I am sure Diwix will get his next GoTW soon. Great work on this GoTW, it was another very intense week. Switching gears a little bit, how would you describe yourself in one sentence or word?

I would like to think I’m the person that people are comfortable talking to and come to for help :woman_shrugging:

HFI: that’s very true, your so smart and wise!!!!! Finally, what should you say to anyone going for GoTW or even GoTW specilist in these coming weeks?

Oh boy. So GoTW is just a prize. It’s easy to get: go to the most segments or recruit the most people. However, it’s also very draining. You can’t do it just to have the title, you have to enjoy who you’re doing it with, otherwise there’s no point. That’s why I loved the competition with Diwix. We had fun doing it, even if only one could win.

HFI: Very true, GoTW is super draining and takes a ton of dedication but for sure is very fun, even if you don’t get it. Congratulations again on GoTW and thank you for being such a pleasure to interview today!

Thanks for having me :comsalute:

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s edition of HFI.

Make sure to keep unleashing the power of helping!

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