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CP Knowledge: Anniversary Parties

Hii there, lovely helper! Welcome to a new post of CP Knowledge, the series where I talk about the different themed parties that were held on Club Penguin. From last time, we know all about the Puffle Parties, so this week we will be looking into the Anniversary Parties!

As you might have guessed, the Anniversary Parties were held once a year to celebrate Club Penguin’s birthday, October 24th. Strangely, the 10th party was celebrated before CP’s 10th birthday. Why? Well that’s a good question. The parties were at the Coffee Shop where a huge cake was found and free party hats were given out. The Coffee Shop and oftentimes the Book Room and Town were decorated with balloons, banners, presents, and snacks!


The first Anniversary Party was announced in issue 53 of The Penguin Times. It was mentioned that the moon and the stars spotlighted around the Town. It also said that reports suggest this phenomenon may return sporadically in the future, and that astronomers will continue to study the situation. This was followed by an advertisement for the party. 

The 3rd party was one of the biggest ones. Rockhopper came to visit, more rooms were decorated, and there was an IN REAL LIFE CELEBRATION!! It was held in Times Square and had live entertainment, activities and even a huge cake that looked like the 3rd year Anniversary Cake in the Coffee Shop!

Unfortunately, there are no public images of the real-life cake, but it sure must have looked cool!

For the 5th party, snowballs thrown in the Town, Coffee Shop, or Book Room would be coloured green, orange, yellow, or red!

The 6th Anniversary Party was the first party ever to coincide with another party, the Halloween Party 2011. All of the following Anniversary Parties, except the 10th one, also happened during a Halloween Party. We also saw Aunt Arctic tag along for the festivities! 

For the 7th party, we instead saw Gary joining the birthday fun!

During the 8th Anniversary Party Aunt Arctic came back, something she would continue with for all the following parties. The very amazing “It’s Your Birthday!” Music video was also released to help celebrate. This happens to be my favourite Club Penguin song and I listen to it every year on my birthday :)). I also force other people to listen to it on their birthday, and you should definitely do the same thing!!

The 11th Anniversary Party was the last one to be held on Club Penguin before it shut down D:

10th Anniversary Party

The 10th party was the biggest one ever! It lasted three whole weeks and featured visits from eight mascots. Except for the party hat, there were also 24 other free items, most of them were obtainable through the 10th Anniversary Item Calendar. A total of 30 rooms (!!!) were decorated, and many of them were special party rooms! Each one was inspired by a different party that had been held sometime in the ten years of Club Penguin’s existence. For example, the Ski Village looked like this. 

In most of the rooms there were Tour Guide stands or MascBots, robotic versions of mascots. They gave additional information about the room and its associated party. For the party there were also three special emoticons that could be used! A smiley with the 10th Anniversary Hat, some sparklers, and the Anniversary Cake. 

Anniversary Cakes

For every Anniversary Party there was a unique cake in the Coffee Shop that matched the party’s theme colour. Except for the 9th one which was shaped like a 9, they all had multiple levels. The 10th cake was the largest and the 7th one was the smallest. All of the cakes featured candle(s) and many of them could be blown out by hovering your mouse over them. This caused the player to obtain the Celebration stamp!

Party hats

Most anniversary Party Hats had the same or a very similar design as the Party Hat, aka the Beta Hat. 

The first ever free item on Club Penguin, and also the rarest one. It was only available for four hours during the Beta Party. It was designed by Screenhog who decided to pick tacky colours and put them on a classic cone hat. He hoped it would make the item less desirable in the future. 

The colour pattern of the 1st Party Hat was decided through a “You Decide!” poll on the Island News Blog. 

Most of the hats were given away in a box, although this wasn’t the case for the 3rd and 4th Party Hat. The 3rd Party Hat was obtained by using the Wishmaker 3000 to blow off part of the cake, which revealed the hat! The hat for the 4th year was acquired by hovering a piñata twice, causing it to fall down and slip out the hat. 

The first five hats were called (x) Year Party Hat, this was then for some reason changed to (x) Anniversary Hat. 

If a player wore one of the six first party hats to the Water or Fire Dojo, Sensei would comment “I see you’re wearing an Anniversary Hat. I like pointy hats.”. If you wear the Beta Hat he would say “Ahh, the Beta Hat. The most ancient of all hats. I rarely wear mine.”. 

The two last Party Hats, 10th and 11th, had different designs with fluff at the top and bottom. The 10th one even had sparklers with an animation seen on the player card!


All of the Anniversary Parties after the first one released a yearbook including images from all major events of the past year, along with a piece of text that described the party. They could all be found on the shelf in the Book Room. The 10 Year Anniversary Edition instead featured only the absolute biggest events of each of Club Penguin’s first ten years. Most of them also had pins hidden, which could be revealed by clicking on a certain object on that page. The pins were unfortunately only for display and could not be collected as items. 

That was it for this edition of CP Knowledge! I hope you’ve learnt something new today and that you’ve enjoyed this post! If you have any suggestions on what party I should do next, please write to me PinguMaliz on discord :)) See you soon <3

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