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Get To Know Your Staff – PinguMaliz

Hello guys! YES I am back with another Interview just for you!! But first let me give you a Quick Intro. This is the blog where I interview the amazing Staff of our server so we could know more about them! This week I interviewed the lovely and the amazing PinguMaliz. She is one of the current the Generals in HF. So, what are we waiting for? Let us all welcome Pinguu!!

Heyy Pingu! How you doing today?

Hi Dhanush! I’m doing great, eating cookies rn πŸ™‚

Ahaha yummy cookies amazing! Can you start by telling us when did you join the Help Force? and how?

oh i remember it so well, it was january 27th 2021 and i was at home in a discord call with my friends during online school waiting for our next class. I got a random message from someone and started talking to them and they told be about Help Force and I was so intrigued. Been playing Club Penguin since I was 3 so it surprised me how i never heard about armies before!

Oh that’s so nice! Do you remember who is that certain someone that reached out to you about HF?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i know the name i thought about it yesterday but i can’t remember it now, we never spoke again though and she’s not in Help Force anymore at least

(Blogger’s Note: We later then figured out that she was invited by the amazing Monika)

Oh I see.. So do you have any favorite moments in HF?

oh i have so many of them, of course i will never forget my first tournament march madness, overtime?? and my favourite tournament LCXI oh and the Silver Rush war!! that was so fun reading through all the memes we made about silver empire
most of my memories are from more recent times though, like when we had a One Direction vc party and screamed out the lyrics in general chat for over 2 hours πŸ˜… i remember i had such a bad day that day so it made me so so happy <3

Omg yeah the Se memes were hilarious ane shouting out lyrics is the most fun thing to do!!… Who do you consider your closest friends in the Community?

During my first years in Help Force i wasn’t very social ahah i mostly just attended events so i didn’t make a lot of friends haha. But in these past months i’ve gotten way more active all credit for that goes to Beasto without him i think i would have left the server honestly cause i stopped playing Club Penguin in 2022 when CPR shut down. So he’s my closest friend in here, and of course also my Double Trouble partner the one and only Dhushnush πŸ™‚ And also Feraaa ily

Hehehehe awe’s in swedish..Has there been any events so far which you consider as a favorite?

The 3 year anniversary event! I loved that one cause we dressed up as trees XD..I have a picture from it on my shelf still <3..OMG wait i just remembered my favourite event …the ACP froggy event!! that was so fun and the forms were so amazing haha..

Oh wow that’s so nice.. So if you had the chance to change something in HF what would it be?

ahem i would be promoted..but if you want a more serious answer then honestly i’m not sure, i would want our arcadium to be more focused on with more fun events like kahoots, word puzzles and skirbbl and so to help people bond and have fun

(Two Weeks Later: YAYYY we’re actually getting a better Arcadium now with the new applications!!)

Ah that’s a nice answer..Alright now besides HF do you have any hobbies or interests?

yeah i have way too many of them XD mostly i love gaming and exercising, i go to the gym a lot and i do dancing. I also love for example baking, watching anime but only with people and not so much alone, i’ve played the piano for about 8 years and i have an unhealthy love for christmas

Ah nice we have a multi talented staff among us!! Which kinds of dance do you like to do?

πŸ˜€ i do commercial jazz (which is like happy show dance mixed with a little bit of ballet) and poledance!

Oh that’s nice!! So what is your dream job? And why?

this might sound kinda boring but i wanna work with analytical statistics lol and my dream is to be able to work 80 % aka 3 day weekend
i love maths and looking at statistics and it’s what i’m best at in school so i figured that’s what i should work with as well

Sounds very interesting and we are sure you will get it! Now if you had 2 tickets to go to your favorite sports match/concert who would you take there with you?

Thanks πŸ™‚ oo fun question, I would no doubt take my sister to an Olivia Rodrigo concert! We both love her music we always sing it whenever we see each other haha and I also love travelling with her, she’s one of my best friends <3 AND she’s in hf haha but not very active but i can count on her for important battles!

Haha amazing I love Olivia’s music too! Now…Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years?

o niice, wow so in 5 years i’ll be almost 23, oh wow wait no way XD anyways i hope to be studying something math-y and living on my own or with my bf somewhere and just having a good time! HF wise i really hope the army still active and the whole CPA community thriving as well
that’s as much of a plan i have for now haha, we’ll see where the future takes me

Ahaha amazing..Lastly is there anything you want to say to our amazing readers?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to people! A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet, and Help Force is full of them! I know it’s scary sometimes haha our army really is a place packed with amazing people so go talk and make friends with them <3

Thank you for the interview Malini!! You are one of the most amazing people in HF keep being amazing!!

aw thank you Dhanush, so are youu :)) have a good rest of the day!


Well thats it for today folks!! I hope you enjoyed reading todays blog! Gogogo and like the blog woohoo! Now im gonna go and annoy someone else.. Until then take care! Signing out for now Ill cya guys next week!

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