Double Trouble: Choco and Jo

Hello helpers!! Welcome to the latest edition of your favourite blog, Double Trouble. The series where Dhanush and PinguMaliz hunt out the besties of Help Force, interview them, and test how much they know about each other. For this week we’re getting to know the tasty duo of Choco and Jo, let’s see what they have to say!

Oh *time travels to 2028*

Now let’s start!

Choco: I protest

I require women

😭You need a woman to interview you?

Choco: No, I want a girlfriend

Wow, you have JO

Jo: 😋

Choco: Jo lacks the qualifications

Smh. Welcome to Double Trouble Choco and Jo! So how do you feel being here together?

Choco: I hate Jo, next question

Jo: I love it here

Choco: His answer is not of any relevance

See, he is delusional

Jo: 😭

Smh okay so, how did you guys first meet and when?

Choco: We went to the same school, we had mutual friends

Jo: He stalked me and went to my school

Choco: Jo was our supreme overlord

Jo rose to this position

Because he is UNFAIRLY perfect at everything

Perfect grades

Perfect skill in video games

Man never loses

Except in the women game

We are both 0-0

Jo: Sounds like a skill issue

Choco: You’re not knife resistant, sounds like a skill issue 

Ly jo 

Jo: I love a lot of girl friends but no girlfriend

Me and you both 😭

Choco: So whens our complimentary girlfriend

We can share

Okay so moving on, what was the thing about each other that made you talk to each other?

Choco: As I said, mutual friends

Jo: School

Choco: Common interests

We played the same games

We ate together

Were you guys in the same class?

Choco: Oh eventually

Jo started in the top classes, I had to work my way up there

But when we were able to choose our subjects, we differed a fair bit

Jo: The top classes were more like the people that handed in assignments classes

Choco: Shut up Jo, you don’t understand how it felt to climb through the trenches

You don’t what it feels like

Jo: People don’t shove muffins in the computers in the top classes

Choco: LOL

Those weren’t our classes 😭😭😭

Jo: 😭

Choco: Public schools, amirate

Wow this is interesting, so did you guys do anything together at school? Like sharing homeworks lunch or play sports together

Jo: We talked and existed

Choco: “We talked”, you shouted my name everytime I entered the room mate

We ate together and went to library together for both our breaks

Jo: I would finish puzzles and he would assist




and then

You would call doing a puzzle luck

Jo: I would finish 90% of the puzzle and then he would put one piece in


Choco: Dhanush left us

We broke him

If he is dead Jo claims all responsibility

Jo: I blame you

Choco: Wowww

I’ll kill you next

And make it look like an accident

Jo: Choco is violent


Okay so moving on what’s your favourite memory in irl and HF

Choco: When Jo wasn’t in the server

And when Jo wasn’t in the server

Not to mention

When Jo wasn’t in the server

Jo: When I financially ruined him

Choco: Did I mention, I regret inviting this man

I only invited him because I needed sapphires for gotw


Jo: Swager is just too good






Choco: I have my people

Jo: 😘

Choco: They believe you are unfit for rule

And we get what we want

If you guys have a sleepover, what will you likely do?

Choco: Not invite him.

Jo: Crime

Is there anything you like about one another?

Jo: How to jump like Mario

Choco: I don’t like Jo

If I were to like something about Jo

That would be contradictory

And my brand would be ruined

I need to keep up my reputation

Branding is important in business

If you would host a surprise birthday party for one another, what will you do?

Choco: This question is


Jo: Convince everyone that his birthday is the 24th of May

Choco: Why am I throwing a party for someone I don’t like


I had an ulterior motive

The party is a cover up

The “suprise”, murder.

Jo: I love murder

Choco: Whats on the 24th of may

Jo: Your birthday

Choco: But why

Whats the significance of this date

Jo: Just random so it’s a surprise

Choco: Oh


Wow scary 😭 Okay so next question what would be the most chaotic incident that happened when y’all were together

Choco: Is an accomplice, chaotic

Jo: When I financially ruined you

Choco: Wait, my lawyer have advised me that I stop speaking

Apparently, this is an ongoing case

Jo: Yeah we burnt down chat

On April 31st

Choco: Actually yeah

Jo: Don’t tell Snowy

Choco: Sus

Jo and I have conspired against a higher power

Jo: Her name is Maya

Choco: Shes hot

Maya if you read this

Call me

Wow interesting..So next question, if there was anything you could change about the other one what would it be??

Choco: Make Jo female

Jo: Lack of women

Choco: No

I would make Jo not annoying

Jo: Okay pookie 😊

Have you guys ever recommend each other anything and actually did it?

Jo: Maybe but I can’t remember

Choco: I recommend that Jo should stop being annoying, but that didn’t work

I recommend that Jo joined the help force

Do you both study together? And motivate one another?

Jo: We don’t study together but I do motivate him to get a gf

Choco has a lot of rizz

They called him the rizzler back in year 7

Just ignore the fact that rizz was not used back then

Choco: I did study with Jo one time

Its the one test from memory that I actually got a higher score than him

Using his own study method and memorisation techniques

Jo: I don’t study 😭 Just memorise

Choco: Thats a form of study stupid

Jo: I did it in class though, not at home

Choco: Still a form of study stupid

Jo: 😭 

Choco: Women






Maybe if I say it enough Dhanush will get me one

Jo is just being very modest and sure lmao tell me ur type and I shall find a women for you, so next question. What’s the thing you admire most about each other?

Choco: They won’t find your body. 

Jo: His rizz

Choco: I admire




Im blanking

What does Jo do again

Jo: The fact that he doesn’t have a gf is criminal

Choco: I admire Jos intelligence

It makes up for his lack of social intelligence

Okay so before we end would you guys want to share anything to the readers?

Jo: If you are a woman, Choco’s dms are open

That is all

Choco: My lawyers have advised me to say. Every comment directed at Dhanush today, that may or may not imply murder or injury, is all in gest. Dhanush is not being held hostage.

Jo: If I were you, I would trust Choco

He never lie

Choco: Jo

Empty out all your ss’s

We are giving them too much to handle







For context

They are fighting over who leads the movement against Jos injustice



Best thing to ever happen



I just want it to be known

This guy is sus

I can’t be bothered to scroll anymore

In conclusion

Jo is a very sus man

Jo: Everyone knew that already

Choco: Sussy


Want to be my accomplice again

Jo: Yes

Choco: Okay

We are going after Dhanush


Thank you for the amazing Interview!!

What a lovely interview. Make sure to all wish Choco good luck in his woman finding adventures! Now that we have gotten to know them, it is time to see how well they really know each other. How are we going to do that? With the Double Trouble friendship test! It consists of 6 random multiple choice questions the interviewees first have to answer for themselves, and then what they think the other person said. Let’s start by taking a look at what Choco knows about Jo, other that him being a sus man, of course. 

What do you like more (or maybe hate less), singing or dancing?

Jo: Singing

Choco: Jo doesn’t look the type of guy who does physical activity, so singing

Would you rather find a partner for yourself or for Jo/Choco?

Jo: Choco

Choco: Jo is also the most aeroace person I have ever seen, so I would assume he would also find me a partner

What would you rather eat, fruit, berries, or nuts?

Jo: Nuts

Choco: I think Jo would be berries

What Club Penguin element is your favourite? Fire, water, or snow?

Jo: Fire

Choco: Jo never played club penguin when he was younger, so I have no idea if he has a preference. 

In fact, idk if cpr had them or not. Well, he seems like he would like water, even though he does not like swimming, and he keeps repeating factually incorrect things about it. “Water isn’t wet” dumb jo.

Jo is truly stupid

Choco: Wait

Im stupid

He says water is wet, water is not wet though

Well he’s still stupid he’s Jo I’M SORRY JO

Choco: Yes

What is your favourite social media out of these: snapchat, tiktok, twitter, or instagram? 

Jo: Twitter

Choco: I only know that he has Twitter

What is your favourite season?

Jo: Winter

Choco: Jo is probably a Winter person because he likes being incorrect

4/6 correct, good job Choco! Will Jo be as successful? Choco says no. 

What do you like more (or maybe hate less), singing or dancing?

Choco: Singing (unless the dance is with a hot woman)

Jo: Choco probably likes dancing more

Would you rather find a partner for yourself or for Jo/Choco?

Choco: Are we asking the guy who constantly talks about women, this question? I want the partner

Jo: Choco would rather find a partner for himself

What would you rather eat, fruit, berries, or nuts?

Choco: Fruit

Jo: I think Choco would like fruit more

What Club Penguin element is your favourite? Fire, water, or snow?

Choco: Hmmm, fire

Jo: I think Choco would like fire

What is your favourite social media out of these: snapchat, tiktok, twitter, or instagram? 

Choco: I have none of those

Jo: I don’t think Choco has any of them so I would say instagram

What is your favourite season?

Choco: I like spring and autumn, you can’t make me choose one

Jo: Choco probably likes autumn, no one likes summer

Jo may be a failure, Choco, but he certainly did not fail the friendship test. The score of this duo ended up at 67 %, TASTY! It’s amazing how much we’ve learned about these wonderful people today, and we hope it brought them closer as well. 

Choco: I declare Jo as my enemy, and pingu as my friend

So if that’s what the interview was trying to achieve

Then great

Oops we are truly sorry for this little setback in the Choco Jo friendship. Anyways, we hope you have enjoyed this week’s post of Double Trouble and will see you next week when we get to know a new pair of HF besties!

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