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Get to Know your Staff – Katiee

Hello Helpers! I have sneaked in Yoda’s office and stolen some of his papers and now I’m running his show of Get to Know your HF staff. Today I will be interviewing one of our lovely and smart generals, and a big Taylor Swift fan! Please everyone welcome, Katiee!

Hello Katie, how are you today??

heyy! im great ty, how about you?

I’m doing amazing, can you start by telling us when did you join the Help Force? and how?

so basically, i think it was 25th of march 2022, i was just playing club penguin rewritten because i was bored. Then I saw a group of penguins and they directed me and some others on how to join. I believe it was Diwix hosting the recruiting.

Do you have any Favorite moment in the Help Force? and if yes, which one?

not just one in particular, but i love vcing with lots of different people! also playing games/fun events, such as gartic phone, jackbox and a while back a few of us used to play bonk together, haha

Who do you consider your closest friends in the Community?

i have made friends with lots of people in my time, but some of my closest at the moment might have to be Dan, Foxy, Zen, Kimo, Swager… far too many to name xD

Has there been any event you have considered to be your favorite one so far?

hmm that’s pretty difficult… i think it would have to be the Taylor Swift ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’ event. It was hosted pretty late for me but we swifties had fun sharing our favourite lyrics and making tactics of them.

What hobbies do you have outside of the club penguin community?

I LOVEEEE dance, it’s one of my favourite things, whether that be real classes or just video games such as Just Dance. Other than that I like hanging out with friends, swimming, cooking and running

What types of dancing do you enjoy the most?

Tap, ballet and contemporary are my favourites.

Obviously we know your a big fan of Taylor Swift, but which song do you like the most for her?

That’s an impossible question lmao, and although it constantly changes, a few favourites at the moment are ‘Call It What You Want’, ‘Would’ve, Could’ve Should’ve’, ‘Daylight’, and the WHOLE of the evermore album.

What is your dream Job? and why?

hmm, i might change my mind, but i’m thinking of maybe a career in nursing or dance (ik they are kind of opposites haha)

If you had two tickets to go to a taylor swift concert, who would you take with you from the Help Force?

i think it would have to be Snowy, she’s the biggest swiftie i know (except me ofc)

Lastly, is there anything else you would like to say to your fellow helpers?

i love you all and stream taylor swift!

Thank you for the interview katie, have a good day!

thank you sm!

Thank you for reading this far in the post, see ya in the next one! :)) DON’T FORGET TO LIKE IT BELOW

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