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Army Spotlight: Water Vikings

ZIPLINE, Help Force Capital – Hey Helpers, welcome to a new series where we will take a look at the armies that have directly been a part of the Help Force’s history! In today’s post, we meet the Water Vikings, our newest allies. For more than 11 years, they’ve been one of the most important armies in the community, reaching #1 numerous times.

The penguin on the left is WV!

Faces of the Force – katiee

Welcome back fellow helpers of the Help Force! This week on Faces of the Force we are greeted by a cheery and enthusiastic Helper! She has been climbing steadily in a few months, even becoming a new junior staff member! You can miss her Goomba profile picture joining in on fun events! Introducing this week to the Faces of the Force, Help Force Brigadier katiee!

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