Army Spotlight: Water Vikings

ZIPLINE, Help Force Capital – Hey Helpers, welcome to a new series where we will take a look at the armies that have directly been a part of the Help Force’s history! In today’s post, we meet the Water Vikings, our newest allies. For more than 11 years, they’ve been one of the most important armies in the community, reaching #1 numerous times.

The penguin on the left is WV!

Water Vikings were formed on December 28, 2010, when the Masked Vikings, led by Jed Pen, merged with the Water Troops, led by Zak. Thus, Zakster and Jed Pen became the creators of this army. They both had little experience leading armies, but Bottlefanta and the Ice Vikings helped them out from the very start. As a result of WV’s focus on growth early on, it came quickly. In their first event, the invasion of Parka, they were able to max out 10 Vikings. Even so, they weren’t noticed until their Defense of Oyster, where they disintegrated the Platinum Warriors with 15+. They continued to rise after that. Towards the beginning of January 2011, the Water Vikings appeared as the third army in the SMAC Top Ten. From that point on, they gained sizes of 15-20. Following their stint at the Small/Medium Army Brawl, the Vikings allied with the Tacos in an attempt to reach Major status. However, things went south and a war ensued between the two armies. Following the culmination of the war, the first generation of the army ended.

The second and third generations of the Vikings saw them finally reach major status. However, the third generation also saw the departure of Zak. The most famous Water Vikings generation was from 2015-2016. The army saw some of its most legendary leaders drive it to unforeseen heights, that put it beside the likes of Light Troops, Nachos, Dark Warriors, and many other giants of that era. They made it all the way to the Legends Cup 2015, maxing 80 but unfortunately not winning. You can watch this historic battle on YouTube by clicking here! The army started maxing 50 more or less consistently in events, and even received an award for Biggest Rise. Some of the leaders of that era who can still be seen around are Kingfunks4, Change, Jack283, Buddy, Pjayo, Adden, Aaronstone, Tymatt and Revan.

WV vs RPF in LC 2015 finals

On May 19th 2020, Kingfunks4, Pjayo, Buddy, Adden, Tymatt and Thomas revived the historic Water Vikings army after rebranding the extremely successful army Golden Guardians into the historic Water Vikings. Water Vikings placed 8th on the highly competitive Universal Top Twenty Armies in their return week. Since then, they’ve entered into numerous wars with armies like SWAT, Templars and even entered into a conflict with the Black Ice Alliance (Rebel Penguin Federation + Ice Warriors).

The Help Force directly locked horns with the Vikings back in 2021 when the Water Vikings allied with the Silver Empire against the Help Force in World War Eight. However, both leaderships managed to move past their differences, and formed an alliance following their declarations of war against SWAT. The Water Vikings recently also won their first ever major tournament – the Champions Cup of 2021. Their highest ranking in the past months has been #2, which is yet another achievement for their leaders. Currently, the Water Vikings are led by Aaronstone, Dino, Pydro and Mabel. You will probably see Aaronstone and Dino attending our events or messing around in general chat – make sure to give them a grand Water Viking Salute!

It’s definitely an honor to have such a grand army as one of our allies, and let’s hope that this friendship lasts for a long time to come 😀

Written by: Selene, Scorpion Demon, Katiee

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