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Hey Helpers! Welcome to another post of the Animal Interview, in which I interview the Helpers about their pets and get to know more about them.Image

Today, I’m going to interview one of our old marshals before she decided to retire. And that is Javi and I’m going to ask her a couple of questions about her pet! If you want to participate in this series, just DM f0xyy_p1ayzz with a photo of your animal and some details about it!

Hello Javi! How are you today.

I’m ok :prayge~4:
just gambling and accepting market offers on dank memer as usual

Gambling as always, smh.
If you do have a pet animal mind if I ask you couple of questions about it?

yes, it’s not a conventional pet by any means, but still one all the same. It’s a goat :))))))))))))))))))) Her name is Coco and she’s the descendant of another goat I had, which is probably on a farm somewhere.
Nice to hear! So for my first question I’m going to ask you is about her description.
sure! she’s playful (every time i greet her she’s always running around), likes to eat random food scraps, and is mostly brown with a light brown underbelly
That’s so cute!!
For my question I would like to ask you if you know when you got your pet goat?
I think it was around 2-3 years ago that she was born, she had a sister but she was sold a few months back with the OG goat i had because I couldn’t take care of so many animals at once, which sucks. that’s why when I retire (not from HF, smh) I’ll have a giant farm with 100 goats and 100 among us plushies
Retire from where? Gambling?
UH no i mean irl retiring when I gamble irl, of course. I need to get the money for a farm like that from somewhere (jk I mean retire from a job)
That would be nice for your goat to have a bigger farm.
My next question will be. What does Coco like to eat?
mostly grass (not much variety, reminds me of dogs that eat the same brand of dog food for years), but sometimes miscellaneous fruits like mangoes and melons
I do like mangoes and melons; they are great fruits.

My third questions is: If you didn’t have Coco what other animal would have you got??
most definitely a cat, they’re really fuzzy and cute and probably a Non Newtonian fluid of some sorts. It’s not really commonplace here to have cats indoors like you see online, so I’d have to plan a bit before taking care of one. maybe I’ll have 100 cats on that future farm as well lmao
Cat’s are so nice when they are kittens, but when they get older they are chaos.
My last question of the day is: Am I able to get a photo of Coco?
Sure 😀

Aww so cute!!

Welp, my time has come to unfortunately say this is going to be the end of the this interview here.

Thanks for taking time out of your gambling to do this interview
No prob :)))))))))))))))) and thanks for interviewing me, i rarely get to talk about having a goat as a pet lol. Since I’m going off to college soon, I try to spend as much time as possible with her before then :prayge~4:
I really like reading your interviews and seeing everyone’s pets as well 😀
No problem!

That’s it for today people BUT I will be back soon! 🙂 If you do want to be in a blog like this, why not DM f0xyy_p1ayzz with a picture of your animal and some details about it? See you next time and take care!

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