Christmas Arrives!

Good Day Help Force! As we approach Christmas, we have to twist the server a little bit with some entertaining changes! Check the announcement below to know what changes and additions we have made to the server.

The Advent Calendar



‘twas the night before chaos
When all through the army
Not a helper was roaming
Not even a lice;
The visitors were imprisoned
By the mines without care
In hopes thatThe Greatest
Soon would be there

Everyone was hiding
No one was safe
The time has arrived
For the mischief to commence

See if you survive
The next 25 days
“Merry Chaos!” exclaimed
Elp Filled with hope and despair

The Donations


We introduce to you Santa’s Elf – our new donations bot! We’ll be using the new bot to reach individual and community reward tiers using Xmas Sapphires, which is going to be 2022 winter’s seasonal currency.

The same currency will also be used for the said donations wherein you receive a lot of it for any activity in the Help Force discord which allows you to donate more in a shorter duration so that you as an individual and the community as a whole can unlock the rewards. These donation activities will end on 31st December 2022 at 10pm GMT.

We’re not only going to do those donations virtually, but we’ll also be donating real money at the end of the month to a certain charity that’ll be decided later! You can support us in this campaign through <#donations> channel in Help Force discord!

Now to boost your donations from the get-go, we are allowing you to trade your sapphires for the seasonal currency -> 1:Sapphires: = 10 :XMasSapphire:
Use .daily to claim your daily income of 500 :XMasSapphire: and a .work every 20 minutes
CP Events will get you about 3000 while Fun Events will be 800 :XMasSapphire:
Attending segments and recruiting will be 1000 and 300 per recruit :XMasSapphire:

You can unlock Individual Rewards by donating a certain amount of Xmas Sapphires!
Use .donate <amount> for any donations

– 5000 :XMasSapphire: for 500 Sapphires & 200000 Ayan Hats
– 20000 :XMasSapphire: for 1000 Sapphires, 1000000 Ayan Hats, 200 Robux
– 50000 :XMasSapphire: Exclusive Cheerful Donator Role

By collecting all the donations from our awesome Helpers, Community Rewards can be unlocked!
Use .donations to check the total server donations by members

– 750,000 :XMasSapphire: for Custom Sticker, External Emote Perms Giveaway
– 1,000,000 :XMasSapphire: for Xbox Gamepass giveaway, Custom Emote Giveaway
– 2,000,000 :XMasSapphire: for Nitro giveaway, Custom Role, 10$ Gift Card Giveaway

To know more about the bot, use .help or ask a Staff member for help!

ELP, Help Force Trustee and Legend

Vedant, King in the East and Help Force Legend

Snowy, Help Force Commander

Desireus, Help Force Commander

ROOBOO, Help Force Commander

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