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Welcome one and all to a brand new mini-series! Here I will be bringing interviews with the amazing donators of the Help Force Patreon Page! These people have donated some amount of their own money towards helping the HF community by funding its projects!
So, without further ado may I present my first fabulous guest and interviewee HF Marshal Rooboo!!

This interview has not been edited 🙂

Maisie: Hey Rooboo!

Rooboo: Heyyy Maisie! Happy to talk to you!:heart_eyes:

Maisie: Me too! I’m so glad you agreed to this interview! Would you like to introduce to our lovely readers who may not know you?

Rooboo: It’s always my pleasure!:relaxed: Of course! Hello I’m ROOBOO, a silent helper who turned out to be a talkative staff member. I’ve been in Help Force for somehow nearly 2 years, I’m a marshal now (4th in Command) anddd I’m known to be around at all 3 time zones haha so you will always see me online! I love helping around as much as I can and just seeing everyone happy makes me happy and fulfilled!

Maisie: Aww thats lovely! Its great always seeing you online : ) Since this is the Patrons of Patreon, may I ask what made you donate?

Rooboo: Woohoo great question! I always do that.. and I did that to other armies who were in need before.;) I just love helping in all ways.. like back then when I wasn’t staff I told staff I don’t want points anymore and don’t give me promotions and I still attended all segments and events.. just helping with no return makes everything beautiful so yeah I don’t want to miss any kind of help.;) When you actually think of it, the most beautiful kind of service is the one with your full heart and the one without return.:heart:

Maisie: That is beautifully put, do you have any advice for readers on how to get more involved? And is there anything you think others should do to encourage new recruits to become active?

Rooboo: It’s always great to feel like it, but it’s more valuable to know it’s worth a try. How can I possibly love something more if I don’t try it myself. There’s a difference between reading about something, hearing about something, and living that something. You never know the value of a certain matter unless you give it value, emotions, or even time! The place we live in is so filled with company and activities/fun. Start off with just being active in chat, get to know the people, they will be your friends and unconsciously you will be lead to “what if I try playing with them once” to “let me play one more time” to “let me set an alarm” to “come on play with us!” Like you will be from someone being helped to someone being helping! Give it an escalation one by one and don’t rush, there’s always an event to attend, a VC party to join, a movie night to enjoy, and more! One by one, you will get more involved. Don’t push your boundaries, for it’s better to attend one event today and one event tomorrow than attending 2 events today and feeling tired for tomorrow. Above all, enjoy.. for if you live it as if it’s your first, best, and last moment, you will truly deeply love it and live it.:heart:

Maisie: Wow you really have a knack for putting everything so well! Do you have any other talents and hobbies?

Rooboo: Thank you for your kind words, I learn from everyone here.:heart: I don’t think I’m that talented in many stuff but my whole life I’ve been practicing sports like tennis mainly and soccer and other ones. I also have been playing the guitar and piano for sooo long and other instruments for a few! Also I’ve been Scuba Diving for nearly 10 years now and that’s a very cool activity. Besides that I love walking in nature and writing, reading, and drawing and yeah acting and so on too!

Maisie: Aw you’re so talented and I’d love to go scuba diving too! With all the musical talent – do you have a favourite genre of music and when in the VC what one song would you play?

Rooboo: wowww let me take you to the underwater!!!! Trust me it’s another world of beauty and wonder.:heart_eyes: I don’t specifically have a favorite genre at the most but definitely hip hop anyway haha! That’s a very hard one choose one but I’d say a rap song OR a very emotional one!

Maisie: Interesting, I always find it fascinating to find out peoples music tastes 🙂 Moving back to HF, what would you say has been most memorable about being apart of the community?

Rooboo: Thank you really and yeah I’m usually always open to what people suggest and share with them like hearing what people like more means more to me than saying what I like because I love everything at the end of the day.:heart: Most memorable mmmm.. I’d say would probably be when I was so silent and whenever I typed general would go bozo loco! Like back then I used to send 1 message/speech every around 1 month for my first like 8 months being in HF haha and whenever I just typed, after the so much hype of “OH MY ROOBOO IS TYPING” and “PING ME WHEN ROOBOO SENDS” and so on, every message I sent used to get pinned in general chat haha! Like that prime and interest of people into me not because I want attention not at alllll I don’t like that at all hahah I mean just because you can feel the love of people.;)

Maisie: Aw its been lovely to interview you Rooboo! Have you got anything else you want to say to our lovely readers?

Rooboo: It’s my pleasure really! Thank you for interviewing me really.:heart_eyes: My last thing would be: Love one another the same way you want to be loved. Treat, respect, and accept people the same way you want to be treated, respected, and accepted. Supremely and chiefly help with all your heart, enjoy with all your heart, and don’t miss a moment without expressing you before it becomes too late, for every moment is valuable in it’s own depth and acreage.:heart:

And there you have it folks! The first of many posts getting to know our great Patreon donators! Thanks again to Rooboo and thank you again to all you wonderful people reading this! See you all next time!

If you too, would like to donate fund the Help Force’s projects, DM 𝔹arnito#1806 for a PayPal link and more information!

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