Get to Know the Help Force Staff: Jayden

Greetings Help Force and welcome to my first blog post! To kick things off I interviewed our amazing Head Editor and Admiral Jayden!

This interview has not been edited apart from my spelling 

Maisie: Jayden, how are you today?

Jayden: I’m doing great, how are you :>

Maisie: I’m great thanks : D Let’s start at the beginning shall we? When did you join the Help Force?

Jayden: I joined back in March 2019. Old… I know lol

Maisie: Haha I wasn’t going to say old but that is a long time ago! When did you then make staff?

Jayden: I got staff on February 14th of 2020, almost a whole year after I joined haha

Maisie: That’s awesome, so its almost a year since you made staff! Have you got any advice for people who wish to become staff?

Jayden: My advice would be, don’t try too much, just be yourself and be active and that should hopefully get you recognised by the leaders!

Maisie: As a long serving member, what would you say your favourite part of Help Force is?

Jayden: My favourite part would definitely be the people. I’ve met so many people on here that have helped me through so much and for sure, made some long term friends along the way.

Maisie: Aww that’s so nice! Moving away from Help Force what do you like to do with your time outside of CPR and HF?

Jayden: Outside of all of this I really enjoy hanging out around close friends and family and cycling! It’s the one thing I’ve loved my whole life and I can’t see it being something I won’t love haha.

Maisie: That’s lovely! My final question to you is can you sum up Help Force in 5 words or less?

Jayden: Unique, Fun, Wholesome, Family :>

Maisie: Amazing, thank you so much for being my first interview Jayden : D


Once again thanks to Jayden and thank to all of you reading this! See you next time.

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