HF’s Ultimate Story Writing Competition – The First of Many

HF’s Ultimate Story Writing Competition – The First of Many

With the introduction of Daily Contests, we brought you a story writing competition to show your creativity and writing skills! Well, it’s time to announce the 2 Winners of our wonderful story writing competition!

Helpers were asked to make a 500-800 word story consisting of anything Help Force themed! Some went with the approach of basing it solely on HF, while others made it about club penguin with a little bit of the Force! After receiving many entries, it was narrowed down to 2 Stories.

Congratulations to-

Before we announce our winners, take a look at the stories they made!

The snow on HF Island has a distinctly Christmassy flavour and it’s clear the holiday party is in full swing. The sky is dark, the ground is soft, and a few penguins run around excitedly, finding one thing and then the next. Santa’s workshop perches up high in the sky warm and inviting for all. It is pleasant, it is good. It is how HF Island should be.

And yet… there is a sense of change in the air, a twitch a flicker. Something is not right. It does not feel nefarious but there is a certain hum. A Penguin logs on, and then another, and then another and another and another and- The penguins materialise into existing and flock to the Town, where they shout and dance and be merry. There is joy in what they are doing, merriment in their actions and fully fitting for the holiday season. But there is sadness too. There is a melancholy and a fear smothered down under ceaseless smiles and hearts. Shouts of friendship and joy, togetherness. It seems good, it seems happy.

Something is undeniably wrong- the air is tinged with a current of sick. Something slow and broken and dying one second at a time. There is no smell, there are no smells on HF Island, but if there were it would be the rotten smell of decay bursting through the cloying smell of flowers. These penguins dancing and chanting, enjoying each other’s company- they’re laying flowers on a grave. The realisation is slow coming ticking through unevenly like a broken clock, but as the penguins continue in their rejoicing a question bubbles through. Do they know? Do they know what’s happening, what’s going to happen? Are they truly oblivious, or just keeping a mask of smiles, as soft as the snow that cushions the island?

Thing is, of course they know. The dance around the subject with a tasteful elegance as they lay remembrance to what is and has been. The truth creeps through one penguin and seven others shout “No!”. A wishful, blind ignorance that’s so painfully aware has swept the town, and now it’s attempting to engulf the Island in its wake. Then, so smoothly, from just one moment to the next the tune changes. “We’ll miss you!” They cry, “Help Force Best Force!” they promise, “Thanks for the memories”. Penguins of different colours and even some of varying sizes run about crazily. Chaos at its finest when all the bricks are going to fall. But no matter what you do sometimes things just don’t end with a bang, but a whimper. Again, so smooth and soft and silent. So sudden. From one moment to the next the slate is wiped clean.

The island is static and white and swirling. The island is but a barren wasteland, dead, dying and destroyed. Outside 2020 has ended, and inside it’s a prison, locked from the inside with the entrance barred. Inside, the island is dying one second at a time.

There is something approaching, something not living- but something. Something conscious is approaching from the dark. A swirling mess of monochrome that’s utterly formless. It still gives off the impression of teeth, and a gaping maw. Nimble fingers working to pick apart, and teeth to chew up and spit out. It approaches from the dark, ripping land up in its awake, absorbing it all. The penguins are gone, they can not see what is happening to their home. It is for the best. There is nothing living left here. Just the shapeless consciousnesses, one waiting, one tearing.

The fuzziness is coming closer and this is the real end. Teeth tearing into shreds, to be a barren wasteland is not enough. The island must become nothing. The grey is settling in, the snow is not soft and inviting. It is cold, and dead and dirty. The sky is blurry pixelated mess. It is good the penguins didn’t see their home like this. A jagged line cuts through the blurry haze in the sky. The edges clean and sharp, quick like lightning. It strikes, hits home.

The sky is cleaved in two and then there is no-
A flash, and then it’s gone.

Truly, a story worth buying

A Penguin’s Adventure.

Once upon a time in a land not to far from here, there was a penguin named Pascal, He lived in the zoo. It was not a bad life in the zoo pascal had to admit, he could show off to visitors when he swam with such skill and performed tricks to the “ooo’s and ahhs” of adoring crowds. However, no matter how much he tried, Pascal was always left wanting more.

It was January when it started. Pascal could remember it well. He woke up that fateful day expecting the usual buzz of adoring crowds to watch him dance and waddle around. Yet, there was no-one. There was not even an annoying child banging on the side of the enclosure. There was just… silence. The lack of attention took its toll on Pascal, he needed people to see that he had mastered the art of waving other than the lone zookeeper that came once a day to feed him and his fellow penguins. He needed to escape.

There was a legend around the zoo of a utopia named Club Penguin Where penguins like him could express themselves and waddle on until their hearts content. Pascal liked the sound of that, a whole place away from annoying children and a place full of people like him! It would be stupid not to go. Within an hour he had packed his bags and said his goodbyes. He was going to be free!

It took two months to reach the Island of Club Penguin. Pascal had made many comrades along the way including TV legend Pingu! Upon arrival to Club Penguin, Pascal was amazed by all of its culture, no longer was he a standard black and white feathered African Penguin, no sir he was now a pink penguin with a very cool Hawaiian shirt and bunny slippers. Pascal loved life and vowed he would never leave Club Penguin, especially not without the new love of his life, his orange puffle Ian. Besides the new Pascal had goals and opportunities, he wanted to fill his stamp book to the max, he wanted to make new friends and most of all he wanted to help the penguins who were still in the zoo find happiness like he did.

One day, many years later, Pascal was digging for coins at the mine, when a girl asked if he wanted to earn more stamps. She told him to join the Help Force, where stamp addicts like himself could unite and connect and go on stamp missions and igloo raids. Pascal was amazed, he never realized that the world of armies existed, it made the world of Club Penguin much more exciting. Since joining the Help Force community, Pascal’s life had been a whirl of battles, events and tournaments. He had made many new friends and adopted a lot more puffles so even Ian had new friends. Pascal’s stamp book is doing well, he has had to put in hold for a while as CPR has had to go into lockdown due to a rampant virus spreading from penguin to penguin. However, whilst being confined to his igloo, Pascal still talks to the Help Force, they have an exciting platform called Discord so they can do all kinds of fun quizzes together whilst staying safe.

I hope you enjoyed Pascal’s story, but for now it’s goodbye from me his fingered friend and dutiful scribe and its goodbye from Pascal, Ian and the rest of Pascal’s puffles who are trying to eat the sofa.

Now isn’t that a cute story :>

Now, you must be wondering, who wrote these 2 impeccable stories? Well, our first post was written by a long time helper, Urkugs. This post truly is one of the best short stories i have ever read in my life. And that is why it places in first for this competition! Our second post, was written by Macncheese! A much more humorous take on short stories, this post takes second place for its creativity and amazing writing! A huge thank you to everyone who participated! Do keep attending our daily events as they are only expected to get better! Points will be given to everyone that posted their story and for our winners, keep writing, you guys are amazing!

Head Editor, HF Admiral

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