Help Force Family Tree

Help Force Family Tree

As Help Force members we wonder how HF started and who was before us. With Ayan we will get to know some history about our army and how was it founded.

Why Help Force was found?

Ayan: No one was helping me to get an igloo party stamp, so I decided to form a stamp group lol, which then turned into HF.

The New server HF moved to: I was curious to know the exact time it opened I found out it was NAA Server? and why did you choose this server why not create a new one?

Ayan: It was the alliance’s server (National Armies Alliance) before it was reformed into the HF. For your second question, it was the only viable option since there were already several members of HF in that server, so we went along with it.

Turning HF to an Army, I read at the website HF entered the Legends Cup at mid July 2018, when did you think to make HF an army and why? if you remember how many members did you have at that time?

Ayan: I think Waterkid hosted 2018’s Legends Cup in-around July. That’s when HF’s staff; especially Kiwis ally (who wasn’t in the CPO staff at that time), pressurized me into registering for the tournament. Members? lol idk, 100? Only 10-15 were active though.

To see how we got here, and all our beloved friends who left or still among us, this our Help Force Family Tree.

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Sorry if your name is not in the tree.. YET, Please comment at this post leave your Discord name how did you join HF or the name of who helped you join to add you to HF Family Tree.


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10 Responses

  1. Hoodrich Wynn helped me join

  2. SwagerGamer#2021 Juanita recruited me a year ago on CPR

  3. Pixie- Barnito recruited me

  4. Snowy recruited me in 2020

  5. ps is Skele

  6. Ill try again. Snowy recruited me

  7. SnowflakeSoft1 recruited by Spooty 08/10/2019

  8. i was cpr recced by fruity
    Kenzie/hayley here

  9. Comment Check

  10. AbsoluteTrash123

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