The Great Veteran Interview – Kavacado

The Great Veteran Interview – Kavacado

Hey Helpers! This week is special, a special week for you guys to get to know our wonderful HF Veterans. They were true important people towards HF and worked hard every step of the way to get us to where we are! Over the next 5 days, we will be interviewing 5 different veterans of the Help Force! For today, we present to you, the one and only Avocado, the Wonderful AUSIA HF Legend Kavacado!

When did you join HF and why?

I joined HF on the 3rd of April 2018! I cane across Ayan on the CPO discord server offering to help me and some others out on one of the igloo stamps in the game, I ended up joining their server afterwards!

What made you want to be a staff member of HF and grow to be such an influential person in the HF Community? 

I initially did not expect to become a staff member at the time. However once I was promoted, I saw HF in a new perspective and decided to become more active in the community! I was really intrigued in the whole concept of stamp helping which the army was built upon. Watching our community continuously expand much more than anything I could have imagined really inspired and motivated me whilst I was active in the army.

Has HF had any Influential impact on your non-penguin life? If so, do you mind letting us know about it?

Definitely! Being surrounded by such people really changed me as a person irl. Although theres nothing specific, I think my time in HF has undoubtedly help me develop in many ways!

Do you see yourself returning to the HF Staff anytime soon? 

Possibly! In such unlikely times you never know what the future might hold 🙂

As we reach the end of the year, is there anything you would like to say to all those that Joined HF this year?

Thank you for everything you have done to HF; from battles to simply being there for those in need, just know everything you do is appreciated. Unleash the Power of Helping!
And so you have it! The 4th Interview! Kava, a HF Legend worked very hard to help HF get to where it is today! You can find her in the server with the Legends role! Make sure to say hi! Come back tomorrow as we get into the final interview, another HF Legend who got HF to be one of the most respected armies within the community.

Head Editor, HF Marshal

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