Hey Helpers! Today we logged on into CPATG – Zipline for another branch battle! The event went very well with amazing tactics and formations! The event included these rooms, Mine, Hidden Lake, Iceberg, Box dimension and the Ship Hold!

MAX: 31+

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Room 1: Inside Mine Unfortunately for team water, they were slow in preparing and then slow in entering the room. Team Fire were alert after their mini practice before the battle started giving them an edge. With more solid formations and tactic strength they easily take this room to flare into the lead.

Room 2: Hidden lake A decent room from both, but again the formations were a let down for Team Water. Their plus was weak next to Team Fire’s L formation, and with a max deficit it was going to be very hard for them to scrounge a win here. Reasonable tactic quality to an extent, but not the prettiest room today.

Room 3: Iceberg Another fiery room, this time for real starting the contest from a neutral’s perspective. Good from both teams but Team Fire’s max was just far superior here and it was never going to be a matter of losing for them here. They sweep the battle with 2 rooms remaining.

Room 4: Box Dimension But then all of a sudden, it felt as if the whole battle had turned around. Team Water then entered like a storm into the room and were by far more solid than fire for the first time. Good from both but this was a clear win for water. If only they could deliver earlier on.

Room 5: Ship’s Hold An unseen room for quite a while in Branch Battles. This room was well executed from both rooms but lacked originality. Tactics were fine but there were gaps and a lack of imagination at times. A draw being a respectful result here.

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  1. I attended! Great work everyone!

  2. I attended. GJ everyone!

    • Great job everyone! Hope to see events like this one more often uwu <3 (attended)

  3. I attended!!!!!!! UwU

  4. Good job everyone
    Also I attended but I’m major

  5. I came

  6. Good Game Branch Battle

  7. I couldn’t stay the whole time but I was there! 🙂

  8. Be On Promos Major Rank Again

  9. I attended , gg team water – Nafis

  10. Attended!

  11. I attended!

  12. i attended (:

  13. Kyle(ButZyy)
    I attended

  14. I attended! gj guys!-

  15. I attended! gj guys- Slushy

  16. I came 🙂

  17. I attended!

  18. i attened!

  19. hello there i made it.

  20. Um, hello I joined!

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