April 2020 Penguin Style Cheats

Hey Helpers!

It’s Dlark back with another guide, and this time I’ll be going over all the secrets in the April 2020 edition of Penguin Style!

On the first page, the secret items are the Cocoa Bunny Outfit for 550 coins, Cocoa Bunny ears for 200 coins, the Green Hard Hat for 50 coins, the Floppy Hat for 300 coins, and the usual Viking Helme for 750 coins and Blue Viking Helmet for 1200 coins. In this edition, however, you can also get the rare Purple Viking Helmet for 1500 coins!

On the second page, the secret items are The Tuft for 500 coins, the Top Hat for 350 coins, the Black Bowtie for 30 coins, the Tuxedo for 800 coins, and the Pearl Necklace for 550 coins!

On the third page, the secret items are the April Girl outfit set, the Grey Suit for 650 coins and the Lavender Gown for 800 coins!

Additionally, here are the Penguins at Work and the Item of the Month for April!

Which are your favorite new items in this edition of Penguin Style? Let me know in the comments!

And as always, unleash the power of helping!

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