[EU] Parrot Event

Hey there Helpers! Today we logged on CPR – Marshmallow for a fun Parrot event.

The event today went very well. It went so well in fact, that Mr. Toastle informed us that going forward, promotions for EU events would be 25+! Let’s keep it up and keep maxing higher. Great job Helpers! Read on to see some great event photos and comment for a promotion if you were there.

Max: 25+

Comment for a promotion if you attended!


14 Responses

  1. i joinedd!!

  2. i was there – Dest

  3. I was there!

  4. I was here!

  5. Parrot Party!!

  6. yes i attended (naji2)/storm

  7. I was there! (Already major)

  8. I was there!

  9. Event was good! I was there! :haha:

  10. I was there! – Lil (penguin is lilypad19)

  11. I was there!

  12. I attended 🙂

  13. one of the greatest events! <3

  14. wow my comment didn’t go through. boooo. Aqui! -Yang/Kimi

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