How To: Events

Hey there helpers!

If you do not know how to participate in events, this post will for sure be helpful! This post will tell you everything you need to know about being in an event and responding appropriately!



In the picture above you can see an announcement being made for the event that is happening. Usually, the Leader/Moderator announces the event 1 day earlier so all the people that are usually online can see it. In case you are wondering “where do I even look for this announcement”, check out the #army-events channel in the Announcements section of the server.
If you can 100% guarantee your attendance at the event, make sure you react to the event announcement with the appropriate emoji!


A reminder will be announced on the same channel to let you know when the event is, in case you forgot. These reminders are generally announced 2 or 3 times depending on the expected turnout.


Now, when there is 15 minutes left, we all receive a message from our leader for the event, telling us where to gather for the event to start. We usually log onto the most populous server i.e. Blizzard and gather in the town, wearing whatever costume we need to for the event. We also dance in a circle asking people to join the group!

The people that had reacted get a ping on the chat to come online 15 before the event!

Event Begins!

The event gets started off with a tactic where the leader tells us what to say on the count of 3. Whatever is being said should be repeated after the countdown is over on the CPPS the event is on.

This is followed by a countdown by the leader. It looks like this
33333333333333 GO GO GO

How To Play Your Part

Well now that you know the procedure, you need to know what to do. You play your part by behaving well on both the CPPS and the Discord Server. It is suggested that you don’t type anything while the event is going on, on the main chat as it may disrupt the flow of the even or distract some.
You also need to know what to respond to and when to respond.
A leader usually will start by announcing a formation. A few know formations include:-

  • “T” Formation
  • “Upside Down T”
  • “/ “or “\”
  • Anchor Formation
  • Vertical Line
  • Horizontal Line
  • Chatbar Lineup
  • Scatter
  • – or +
  • Other Alphabets

These are formations you use when standing still. Sometimes your formations must be disrupted to do a “moving tactic”. A few of these are

  • Waterfall
  • Bomb
  • Wipe
  • Sweep

Since you can’t just stand in formation like a crazy person, there are replies you need to use as well! These replies can be Phrases, Emotes or even Safe Chat words from CP.
Well, you must be wondering “How do I keep switching back and forth between tabs during the event”. Well, that is very simple!

As you can see, only the chat is displayed for me to look at whilst the game is open completely on the right! Not everyone will be comfortable with this setup, so move your tabs around and see what looks best! It is recommended you use the Discord App to make it easier to use!

Well, that’s how you enjoy events in the best way possible. Hope you enjoyed reading this and hopefully, you learnt something from this!

Well, for now, Unleash the power of Helping and Waddle On!


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