What To Do During Stampcruitment Segments

Hey Helpers! Stampcruitment Segments are something our creator Ayan introduced upon our moving to CPATG. I’m sure there’s some confusion surrounding what they are, what you should do, and how they’re beneficial! 

I’m here to clear that all up for you.

First things first; What they are?

Stampcruitment Segments are a hybrid born from both recruitment and stamp segments. While the main focus of Recruitment Segments is recruiting, similar to the Stamp Segments focus on earning stamps, a Stampcruitment recruits while helping people earn stamps.

Things that can happen during a Stampcruitment include;

Igloo Raids

Simple Stamps

Difficult Stamps

And more!


Now, figuring out what to do during a Stampcruitment Segment isn’t hard.

Just recruit while you’re helping people earn stamps! Just keep your ears open and listen to whoever is leading it and you’ll do amazing!


Finally, a question I’m sure quite a few of you are asking; why are Stampcruitment Segments more beneficial than just a Recruitment or a Stamp Seg on their own. Since a Stampcruitment combines both, it reaps the recruits while also helping helpers earn stamps!

 For added validity, know the stampcruitment segment which those pictures were taken during earned us 18 recruits.


Now that you know what a Stampcruitment is, head out and join one!

~ Moon

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