Animal Interview – AI Noa

Hey Helpers! Welcome to another post of the Animal Interview, in which I interview the Helpers about their pets and get to know more about them.

Today, I’m going to interview one of our visitors from ACP, and that is AI Noa and I’m going to ask her a couple of questions about her pet cat! If you want to participate in this series, just DM f0xyy_p1ayzz with a photo of your animal and some details about it!


Hello Noa! How are you today?
I’m alright, what about you?
I’m great, thanks for asking.
For my first question, I would like to ask is what made you get your pet?
Well, I’ve grown up with cats my whole life and met tons of them. My cat, Winter, even got born in my house and I chose to keep her, since I loved her personality and looks.
Since you do have a cat I think I know what the answer is going to be but, would you more cats or a dog?
Cats, even though I like them both. I just have a better connection with cats
So, you have been with cats since you was born? 
Well, yes, we had much farm cats while growing up. I still remember the day when I saw a group of 20 cats together. I always tried to pet them, what didn’t always work
Nice!! I understand that some cats’ don’t like to be touched.
But for my second question is what does Winter like to eat?
Kitten food she hates the adult cat food.

Wow, My cat just eats anything.

My third question is, what is the worst thing Winter has ever done?
The worst thing, huh? She like scratched me once, some days ago? But that’s it really.
My last and final question will be, may I see a photo of Winter?
Welp the time has come for me to say that I will be ending this interview here. Thanks you for participating in today’s interview.
Lol, No problem.
Have a great day!
Same for you!

That’s it for today people BUT I will be back soon! 🙂 If you do want to be in a blog like this, why not DM f0xyy_p1ayzz with a picture of your animal and some details about it? See you next time and take care!

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