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The Problem With Roblox Recruits

Several armies have been using Roblox to recruit new members for a while. Although this form of recruiting is often easier and less risky than other forms, some problems still come with it. Roblox recruiting is a trade-off, and it’s essential to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of it.

The main benefit of Roblox recruiting is how easy it is to get recruits. People in the Roblox server are much more likely to respond to dms than people in CPPS servers. When you dm someone from the Roblox server, you are almost always dmming someone that’s active on Discord right at that moment, whereas on other servers, you are likely dmming someone that’s idle. These speeds up the recruiting process a lot, making it so you don’t have to wait long for a reply. Roblox recruits are also likely to be younger, making them more likely to agree to join, although this can be a double-edged sword.

These upsides to Roblox recruiting do not come without downsides. The main downside is how well can you grab the Roblox recruit’s attention and make them interested in the army. Unlike recruits from CPPS servers, Roblox recruits have likely never played Club Penguin, so they do not have any inherent interest in it. This makes it hard to motivate them into making an account, and when they do make one, they likely know nothing about how the game works. Sometimes getting them to say a command in the chat bar can be a challenge.

There’s also an issue when it comes to maturity. Since Roblox recruits are often younger than recruits from other forms of recruiting, they are often much less mature. On the lower end of the spectrum, this immaturity is manageable, often leading to fun situations. However, on the other end of the spectrum, there are trolls, who while rare, can end up wasting everyone’s time.

Going back to the topic of getting Roblox recruits to be interested in the army, this is a very challenging task. CPAB isn’t really a game in the regular sense. Roblox recruits are used to being able to join a game anytime and be able to play with other people. CPAB is the opposite, with its main entertainment coming from events hosted by armies. This often results in Roblox recruits making an account and then quickly losing interest in the game before they even attend their first event. Even if they do attend their first event, they may not find it fun and will not attend anymore.

Part of this is the learning curve when it comes to armies. While the curve isn’t particularly big, the fact that it requires someone else to explain how commands, tactics, and the map work is just too much for some recruits. There’s also the terminology used in Club Penguin armies that recruits need to learn. Things like ‘tactics’ and ‘bombs’ don’t make sense to a new recruit, yet this is the terminology often used to explain how events work. This makes it even harder for the recruit to attend their first event, making it likely that they would just give up.

The solution to this problem is a supportive community that helps new people. We need to take the time and have patience when teaching new recruits about how armies work. While many Roblox recruits would just leave after the first event, this is true for all forms of recruiting. It is important to create a community where they are happy to even just speak in chat, where they are welcomed and included. If we do this, then there aren’t many negatives left with Roblox recruits.

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