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The HF Beacon

ZIPLINE, Editor’s Table — Welcome back, Helpers, to the newest edition of The Help Force Beacon. After an exciting week of events, we bring to you HF’s weekly dose of entertainment!

Table of Contents

HF News

Gamer of the Week

Original Stories

Game Corner

Art Section

Person of the Week

Weekly Promotions

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Question of the Week

HF News

  • Promotions! This week we got new Jr. Staff members, and also a lot of staff promotions! Make sure to congratulate the people!
  • Ausia Arena! This week beat ACP with a score of 3-0! Amazing job Helpers, let’s continue growing for next week’s battle!

Gamer Of The Week & Blogger of The Month

This week person won the prestigious award of Gamer of the Week and Jo won the award of Blogger of the Month! The HF Beacon team reached out to them for comment on their awards:

person – I would like to thank everyone for their support. I never thought I would get this far :panduck:
Jo – I would like to thank Choco for not trying to eat me during that month

Thank you guys!

Helpers Book Club

Nothing without an amazing story section. Make sure to read this engrossing corner of the HF Beacon, and let us know if you want to write stories in the upcoming editions!

Nervous & Manti
“The Homework”

— Mantiuxx

Nervous the hippo sat at her desk, staring at the math homework in front of her. Numbers swirled and danced on the page, confusing her. She had always struggled with math, and today was no different.

Manti, her cat friend, strolled into the room and noticed Nervous’s distress. “What’s wrong, Nervous?” he asked, concern in his voice.

Nervous sighed, “I just can’t seem to figure out this math homework, Manti. It feels like a never-ending maze.”

Manti jumped up onto the desk and peered at the equations. “Hmm,” he said, “let’s take it one step at a time. What’s the first problem?”

Nervous pointed at the page. “It’s asking me to solve for ‘x,’ but I have no idea where to begin.”

Manti thought for a moment and then smiled. “Remember when we played that game of hide and seek? We had to search for clues to find each other. Solving math problems is like finding clues too.”

Nervous perked up, intrigued by the idea. “So, what’s the clue here?”

Manti explained, “The clue is that ‘x’ is a mystery number we need to find. Let’s use the numbers given in the problem and see if we can solve it together.”

With Manti’s patient guidance, Nervous started unraveling the math problems. Step by step, they tackled each equation, supporting and encouraging each other along the way.

Finally, after some time and effort, Nervous’s face lit up. “I did it, Manti! I solved all the problems!”

Manti purred with pride, “That’s amazing, Nervous! See, you’re much smarter at math than you thought.”

Nervous grinned, grateful for her friend’s help. She realized that with a little guidance and a positive mindset, she could conquer her challenges, even in math.

As they celebrated Nervous’s accomplishment, the two friends knew they could rely on each other, not only in solving math problems but also in overcoming any obstacle that came their way.

Game Corner

This section features a new puzzle every week for you to play. You can send your completed puzzle to mantiuxx#0002 in dms!

Scavanger Hunt

.Find the room of the picture below. (submit room name)

Art And Memes Corner

Skimming through the amazing submissions, we’ve chosen the best ones for the week! Make sure to submit your content in #art-memes if you want to get featured in the Help Force Beacon next week!


Person/Meme of the Week

The person of the week is someone who dedicates a lot of time and energy into the army. And they’re a meme.

Weekly Promotions

These people have worked very hard for the army this week, now its their time to be recognized! Make sure to congratulate them for their hard efforts.

IceQueen – Corporal
BlankyCRT – Sergeant Major
ImPatt – Specialist
LabNetic – Colonel
Person – Captain
Toxic Storn – Major
Lily – Specialist
!! xdFazzyLit !! – Elite Helper
Tibber – Amateur Helper

Question of the week:

What was your favourite show as a kid?

Submit Your Content

Know any good jokes? Have some thoughts you want to share, want some extra sapphires? Next week the best submissions will be featured in this part of the Beacon! Check the bottom of the post for procedure of submissions.

DM mantiux#0002 on Discord the answers to the games, question of the week, to send some ships, stories, and any content submissions to win Points (20 points for submitting content):HFSapphire:!

And that’s a wrap for this week fellas! See you in the next edition of the Help Force Beacon. Make sure to like & comment on your opinions about the weekly newspaper.

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