Reasons Why HF Should Become an E-girl Hangout

The Help Force is notorious for its hot, single troops, and its strong visitor policies that keep the server safe from undesirable figures. It is time for HF to enter a new stage of greatness, becoming a home for all e-girls. This would greatly increase the server’s popularity, allowing us to truly be the greatest army.

Becoming an e-girl hangout is something that the troops have long desired. If HF were to be converted into an e-girl hangout, the chat would never be dead. Totally not made-up research suggests that e-girl hangouts have chats that are 72% more active than regular chats. Since chats will always be active, this will snowball into a tsunami of event hype in the hours before the event, resulting in massive maxes.

Another benefit to this e-girl hangout is that our number of active members will drastically increase, with people being motivated by the e-girls to log on for events. Studies show that troops are 200% more motivated when around e-girls. Take Choco for example. Choco is much more likely to attend events when women are involved. Since it works for Choco, it must definitely work for everyone else.

E-girls are also an extremely valuable asset in wars. They strike fear into the souls of their enemies. No one can stand up to an e-girl without instantly vaporizing into gaseous ketchup. The e-girls will destroy our enemies for us, allowing us to prevent troops from being injured in battle. As a result, our troops will be safer and happier thanks to the protection of the e-girls.

An e-girl hangout is just what HF needs to win Ausia Arena. Our scientists have estimated that we would max 84 in the finales of Ausia Arena if we were to become an e-girl Community, securing a 3-0 victory. Even if you don’t like e-girls, statistics don’t lie. E-girls will do nothing but benefit HF, allowing us to win any battle and come first in every top ten. It’s time that we accept the e-girls that we truly are and turn HF into an e-girl hangout.

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