Origin of the Name: Desireus

ZIPLINE, Help Force Headquarters- In an online community like ours, names are quite an important aspect of anyone’s profile. They are the first impression of an individual. Help Force staff members are the representatives of the army, and the impression they make is extremely important. In this third edition of this post, we will be delving into the story behind the names of one of our amazing staff members. 

Desireus is currently one of our Commanders of the Help Force. He’s super friendly and the most active Ausia member we have! (When he’s not too busy with his coconut plantation with Maya). One thing you probably didn’t know about Desireus is that his coconut plantation produces almost 1 million coconuts per minute. Here’s some more about Desireus and the reason why he chose his username. In order to do so, I decided to lure him in with some coconuts.

Hello Desireus! So, what is the story behind your name?

Alright so, years ago I had been using my real name as my in-game name for a while. Then, I felt that it was weird using it while people had cool names and stuff. So, I went looking for a cool word that would be my IGN, and I heard the word Desire and that became appealing to me to set it as my name. 1 or 2 years later, I added the -us at the back to make it sound cooler xD and there you have it, Desireus, been my name for around 5 years now.

Wow 5 years, have you ever wanted to change your username?

So far nope.  I see no one else with this name, so I think I’ll be sticking to it for quite some time.

Has anyone misspelled your name?

Yes, very much, even mispronouncing it. To the point where Elp got tired of pronouncing my name, he started to call me dinosaur instead.

This was originally written before Dinosaur got a huge promotion to Commander. I can’t wait to see what Desireus has in store for us.  We might get free coconuts, another amazing leader, and a great friend. Dinosaur we believe in you!

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