Howdy Helpers! Today we once again logged onto CPA Battleground for a U-Lead event! Every troop and Junior Staff had a chance to lead a few tactics and feel how it is to be a commander. Thank you all for coming and leading, hope you had fun!

MAX: 25+

Comment below for promotion if you attended!

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  1. i attended skeppy08 <3

  2. I attended.

    Vixx5 🙂

  3. attended

  4. <3

  5. Thank you all, good job!

  6. I attended!
    CP: Eshal
    Discord: Eshal#8315

  7. I didn’t attempt all the time because I was a bit busy but it was amazing anyways, will do it again 😀

  8. I attended

  9. I attended

  10. i attended

  11. I attended

  12. potato attended

  13. I attended

  14. I attended! Wooo we were stars at this event!

  15. i attended, and called maya sus

  16. I attended as much as I can woohoo!

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