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Howdy Helpers! Today we once again logged onto CPA Battleground for a U-Lead event! Every troop and Junior Staff had a chance to lead a few tactics and feel how it is to be a commander. Thank you all for coming and leading, hope you had fun!

MAX: 25+

Comment below for promotion if you attended!

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ZIPLINE, Help Force Capital – The Help Force logged on to the our home server today for a U Lead event! We donned our special uniform for this event, which was the troops’ pick of their favorite instrument! The troops were fascinated about the intricacies of leading a Club Penguin event after witnessing all of those World War VIII battles. So we decided to give them a chance to lead! Altogether, the event was a great success, a huge thanks to all the troops who led. A special thanks to ROOBOO for organizing it! <3

Make sure to comment your Discord Name and Rank below if you attended!

MAX: 35+

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Greetings, comrades! Today we logged on to the server Ascent for our U-Lead event, where the Help Force taught all the troops how to box. Boxing is an ancient art that involves ducting, packing and folding. The boxes, or the opponents, you ask? Both. This was certainly a fun event, and our troops had a great time trying their hand at leading the army. We also took part in a surprise mini practice battle with our beloved allies, the Ice Warriors! The first mega event of this month was indeed a mega success!

Max: 26

Comment below if you attended!

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Heyo band geeks! Today we logged on to Ascent for our musical U-Lead event! But just like every superhero story has a villain we hate, our event was interrupted by CPR. Stu sent a flashy message asking everyone to go to the Ship! Although we lost size at first, we recovered pretty quickly and then decided to give the Penguin Band some competition at their concert. Our guitarists challenged Frankie to a Guitar Battle, and our riffs totally blew him out of the water! Later, we had a small picnic in the newly decorated Forest and then headed down to the Snack Shack for some drinks and food. Turns out, Nell is sort of a VIP, as she got us BACKSTAGE PASSES FOR THE SNACK SHACK! We all ended up taking tons of selfies in the backstage before finally logging off! Here are some pics from the event:

Max: 20+ 

Comment below if you attended the event!

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Greetings Everyone! Today we logged onto CPR for another U-Lead event when Troops can show off their commanding skills! Everything went pretty smoothly as we practiced some clear formations and had great fun! Thank you for leading Wynn and ROBOO and all the Helpers! Fantastic job!

MAX: 37+

Comment below if you attended the latest u-lead event!

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Hey Helpers! Today we all logged onto Server – Ascent on CP Rewritten for another but amazing U-Lead event, themed around being miners. Organized by Maya and Snowy, everyone who submitted their CPR username in #u-lead got to lead the entire event for a bit and it was real fun once again seeing troops lead well and enjoy with unique tactics and quite some formations! Until next time comrades, and please do come for the Quarter-Finals of the Legend’s Cup in 3 days to help us all win!

Max: 42+

Comment below if you attended the event!

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Howdy Folks! Today we logged onto CPR for yet another invasion to extend our beloved Motherland! For the first time in history, it was led not only by staff but also Troops! Thank you for leading ROOBOO, Maya, Snowy and Wynn and all the Helpers! Fantastic job, everyone! We successfully invaded Ice Pack!

MAX: 38+

Comment below if you attended the invasion!

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Greetings Friends! today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten and successfully raided igloos and got the party stamps! We did some stunning tactics then directly started igloo raiding! Led by Nelly, Joe, Maya, Snowy, ROOBOO, Mandal. Thank you all for attending!

MAX: 49+

Comment below if you attended the event!

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Greetings Friends and Troops! Today we logged onto CPR – Ascent for a very amazing yet fun Event with our Pizza Outfits! Led by MayaTheFirst, Snowy, Wynn, Nelly, Joe, Rooboo, and many troops from Help Force, we had great practice at many rooms around the island! Thank you all for attending and till many more creative and different events and battles yet to come!

Max: 34+

Comment below if you attended the event!

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Hello helpers! Today we logged onto CPR a fun U-Lead event, lead by Rooboo, Wynn, and troops. Great job leading today, Helpers!

MAX: 28+

Comment below if you attended the event!

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