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PokeStaff Adventures

It was a beautiful, sunny morning in- wait, why does it always have to be beautiful and sunny? Strike that, lets start again.

It was an average morning in our glorious gracious motherland. In the suburbs of Chonkytown, at exactly 7 am, an alarm went off, playing the popular Pokemon song “Gotta Ketch Them All“. Our protagonist, Ayan Ketchup, woke up feeling very happy that he was getting his first pokemon today! He had finally turned 10 years old – the surprisingly low age required to obtain a free starter pokemon from the Pokemon School and begin your pokemon journey.

As he dressed up and walked towards the door, his mother called out, “Good luck with getting your starter pokemon today Ayan!”

“Thanks mom”, he replied.

“And also remember, no video games! Especially no teaching your pokemon to play video games with you.”

“Mom I’m literally going outdoors!” Ayan replied, exasperated. His mom stared back at him. “Okay fine I get it, I promise, no games”, he sighed, and finally began his first day as a Pokemon Trainer.

He reached the Pokemon School soon enough, and was greeted by the Pokemon Professor Morty. “Welcome, Mr. Ketchup! Ready to adopt your starter pokemon?”

“Yes, Professor Morty!”, Ayan replied.

“Very well, there are the three different starter pokemon that Chonkytown offers to any trainer – Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Which one of them will you choose?”

“Hmmm… I don’t really like any of them, do you have any other starter pokemon?”, Ayan replied.

“Why, you little piece of- yes, of course we have other pokemon! But I doubt you will be able to control it as a beginner trainer.”

“I can control it with my passion! Just give me a chance, Morty”, Ayan replied.

“Very well, here you go! Careful, its particularly rebellious and may not listen to you every time.”

Ayan was delighted at finally acquiring his first pokemon! “Come out, buddy!”, he said and opened the pokeball. At first, nothing came out. He turned the pokeball around to peek into it to see what was wrong, and a pokemon came flying out, knocking him down. The pokemon began laughing maniacally, delighted at the chaos it had caused. “It’s a Zambi! I thought there was a Pikachu in it!”, Professor Morty exclaimed.

Zambi quickly drew up a graphic of Ayan Ketchum’s scared face, and asked, “Like it?”

“Yes…” Ayan replied, a bit sorely. “I’m going to keep Zambi if that’s okay, Professor Morty… I have tons of graphics that I want him to make…”

“Ok Ayan” the Professor replied. “Wait what the-” Ayan recalled Zambi to his pokeball before he could finish that sentence.

Thus the adventures of Ayan Ketchup and Zambi making graphics together began!


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