Merry Christmas Helpers!


Ornaments are shining, presents are wrapped and cookies are already waiting for Santa to arrive – must be Christmas! Hope you are all having a joyful time whether you are celebrating or not. Today, we want to invite you all to join HF’s Christmas Week and spend some of that amazing time with your friends from all around the world!

During the week of 20th and 26th December, multiple activities will happen every day. Check the schedule above to know what awaits you! Bring your best Christmas profile pictures and check the server each day for special gifts and surprises!



Help Force will be counting down days till Christmas with a special Calendar. You can expect prizes every day, some are dedicated to the entire community, some will be a chance to win individual gifts! We can already tell you that the last three days of the week will surely bring giveaways with them. Stay tuned and keep an eye on the announcement channel – we open the first calendar window today!



Christmas is all about giving and taking care about the people that surround you, isn’t it? You will surely receive many presents so why not make somebody else happy too? Join our Secret Santa event to get a name of a person that you will have to prepare a gift for. Make sure not to tell anyone! If you take part, you will be gifted something as well!

Rules are simple: 

  • Don’t tell the person you got that you are their Secret Santa till it’s time to share the presents!
  • Don’t gift anything that costs actual money – no nitro or gift cards, make something yourself – a drawing, maybe sing a song or write something.
  • Message Mayathefirst#2481, The Lolipop Giver to join – the deadline is December 22nd!
  • Be sure to mention what your hobbies/interested are to give your Secret Santa an idea of what to give you!
  • Gifts should be delivered before December 24th!

Hope to see you celebrating with us!

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