[US] Dance Takeover

Hey Helpers! Today the US division logged onto Permafrost to bust some moves at the Nightclub! The Takeover started at the Nightclub and ended at the Lounge upstairs. These rooms were full of different tactics, formations and stamps being earned! Good Job Helpers & Thank you Monika for hosting

Max: 37+

Make sure you comment below for promotions!

Thanks for attending this event, We hope to see you again!
Unleash The Power Of Helping!

23 Responses

  1. I attended!

  2. I attended!

  3. attended

  4. I was there as Jxn101, ty for hosting

  5. I attended! Thank you for hosting!!
    Penguin name – chocolate35 (alt acc)
    Discord – Disha#2388

  6. i attended!
    cpr – stemv9

  7. i attended ty fr hosting

  8. Planet was there!!

  9. I attended

  10. I attended- alt name Ironfounder

  11. I attended, ty for hosting!

  12. i attended as I Am Not Tistle

  13. Discord: Venkids
    CPR: Venys2000
    I attended this event!

  14. Awesome event! I attended as creme19

  15. I was there

  16. I attended, ty so much for hosting!!!!!! :heart:

  17. I attended!

  18. I was there

  19. I was there!
    D: Meaghan

  20. I was there

  21. I came to the event cuz of moni 😉

  22. I came

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