[AUSIA] Guitar Takeover

Heya, amazing Helpers! Today we had a Guitar Takeover on Club Penguin Rewritten! We logged on Marshmallow and we were fast to do tactics at Town, Docks and Stadium! This event was led by Marshmallow, Riley and Nelly! Thank you all for this fantastic event! Keep up the good work, Helpers!




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33 Responses

  1. I came -Skillz HF

  2. Something

  3. i came -pinktheking1

  4. cpr: amanduh2005
    alt: notamanduhh
    dis: notamanda

  5. cpr: IAmNotTistle
    I attended

  6. I was there as Jxn101

  7. Discord: pragya tanu
    Cpr: dollsy12
    I attended!!! Thank you so much for hosting!!!

  8. CPR:RoryRyan2503
    i attended

  9. cpr:Nightfury094
    I attended

  10. i attended!
    discord: alex1904
    cpr: alex1907

  11. Despite a really bad internet connection, I was able to make it! Thanks for hosting!💙

  12. I attended! Thank you for hosting!
    Penguin name – hiworld123 (alt account)
    Discord – Disha#2388

  13. Nice event. I attended
    Discord – Valour#0849
    CPR- porkbiscuits

  14. Discord: ajn_101
    CPR: ajn101
    I came to the event

  15. I atended! it was my first ever event
    Discord: Caramelixo
    CPR: Kakispucins

  16. Thanks for hosting! Ausia Force Best Force!

  17. i attended,discord and cpr name:wassimforce

  18. Discord: Venkids
    CPR: Venys2000
    I attended the event.

  19. I attended!
    Discord- cocoblue#8341
    CPR- cocoblueyy

  20. CPR – Roczy
    Discord – Joonieee7
    Hi! I came to The Event! TY for hosting!

  21. Fun event, I attended

  22. I attended!
    Discord- Slush
    CPR- Slushlol

  23. I attended!
    Discord- stemv
    CPR- okaystm

  24. I attended
    Discord – Felix Zale
    CPR – Peeliks

  25. Discord name: Ru#8072
    CPR name: PuffelJuice9

  26. I attended!
    D: Meaghan

  27. I attended!
    Disc: Peracio
    CPR: Peracio

  28. I was there ~ sorry for the late comment 🙂

  29. I will come to every time

  30. i attended! -SnowBoy0128

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