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[AUSIA] Campfire Marshmallow Takeover

Hello everyone! Today we logged on Club Penguin Rewritten where we had a successful event led by Marshmallow and Riley. Formations and tactics were amazingly executed and we had a lot of fun in Town and at the Cove! Nice job, Helpers!



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37 Responses

  1. i came-KINGpink2005

  2. i attended!

  3. Cpr:StampHalper

  4. I attended!

  5. I attended! – Zeus1012

  6. I came (alt Ironfounder)

  7. I attended

  8. I came, BigEd33

  9. Name – Janisamazing

  10. Attended- ty for hosting!

  11. I was there! MarleyMae

  12. I attended, ca I have a cookie? :please:
    (Wynnie 2)

  13. Thanks for hosting! Ausia Force Best Force!

  14. Discord Name: Joonieee7
    CPR name: Roczy
    Hi! I attended the campfire marshmallow event!

  15. I attended. ty for hosting it was fun <3

  16. cpr: amanduh2005
    alt: notamanduhh
    dis: notamanda

  17. Ty for hosting! HFBF!

  18. I attended one half of the event, as I got banned later. And then my internet was causing issues, so I couldn’t join back. I am sorry for that.
    Penguin name – dishi511
    Discord – Disha#2388

  19. I came! (Slushlol)

  20. Chickn strips
    Thank you so much for hosting!!!!! It was a great event!!

  21. i attended as xtrathetical :”))
    dsc- thetical

  22. i attended!
    discord name:poro
    ingame name:goropod

  23. I am present!
    Penguin name: Felix Zale
    Discord: Felix Zale

  24. Thank YOU for Hosting, Brilliant event as always. Snowflake-Soft.

  25. I attended an ausia event as a us timezoner… pog

  26. I attended.
    discord and penguin name is Nightfury074

  27. CPR: PuffleJuice9
    DIS: Ru#8072
    Thank you for hosting guys♥️

  28. I attended

  29. Really nice event! Thank you to our brilliant hosts! <3

  30. Attended – thnx fr hosting

  31. I attended!

  32. I came! Meaghan/ Tony Danzer (will be using an alt penguin for next events!)

  33. i came to the event

  34. Caramel Cream
    i came to the event

  35. CPR: ajn101
    DISCORD: ajn_101
    I came to the event

  36. CPR : Nyrvya
    Discord : Sakshi

  37. CPR: kakispucins
    Discord: Caramelixo

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