[EU] Mining Event

Hello everyone! Today, our Helpers logged on Club Penguin Rewritten once more for a great Mining Event hosted by Hannah and Holly. The main rooms were the Cave Mine and Ice Berg where we did a few awesome formations and tactics. We all got stamps and took good pictures while having fun! Nice job, Helpers!




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24 Responses

  1. I attended! Thanks for hosting!

  2. I was here

  3. I attended!

  4. attended :awepanda:

  5. cpr:Roryryan2503
    i attended ty for hosting

  6. I attended!

  7. I attended! Thank you for hosting

  8. Planet was there as Mildly Sauce

  9. I attended! Thank you for hosting!!
    Penguin name – cup2be (alt account)
    Discord – Disha#2388

  10. I was here as my alt: whyyoubanme6

  11. I attended, thanks for hosting!

  12. i came

  13. Thanks for hosting. I had fun!!

  14. A topsy-turvy event. I liked the small event although i didn’t like the ban.
    CPR- Kchatt
    Discord- Valour#0849

  15. Thanks for hosting, I attended x

  16. I attended!

  17. I was there

  18. Attended! Thanks for hosting- creme19

  19. I attended! Thank you for hosting!!
    cpr – porklemonrye
    Discord – stemv#5882

  20. Attended!

  21. Simple and short event. I liked it!!!
    CPR- Kchatt
    Discord- Valour#0849

  22. I attended! Ty for hosting!
    CPR- Zeus1012 and Ka Tano.

  23. Cpr- SevdalizaRu
    Dis- Ru#8072
    Thankk youu for hosting♥️

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