[AUSIA] Jester Takeover

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a Jester Takeover! The rooms used were Town, Plaza, and Stadium led by Marshmallow and our newest AUSIA General Riley! We did a lot of Jester related tactics and had various bombs and unique tactics.

Max: 50+

Comment below for your promotions!


Good job to all the helpers that attended!
Keep Unleashing the Power of Helping!

24 Responses

  1. I attended- Urkugs

  2. I attended -Skillz

  3. i attended uwu


  5. I came

  6. I Attended

  7. I attended! Ausia Force Best Force! – Slush

  8. i attended comrades

  9. Attended 😛
    – major Wynn

  10. I attended! Ausia Force Best Force!

  11. i attended!

  12. THANK YOU FOR HOSTING, Snowfalke-soft.

  13. I came! Ausia Force Best Force!

  14. I attended!
    CPR Name: PrinceRomeo2
    Waits for promotions

  15. I attended -Imagine124

  16. i attended -pinktheking1(KINGpink2005)

  17. I attended- Jocelyn

  18. I attended – BiII Cipher

  19. i attended!

  20. attended

  21. I wasn’t there in the last moments so idk if it counts but I did attend

  22. I also logged in with a different penguin account

  23. […] we had our [AUSIA] Jester Takeover. Led by Kara and Marshmallow, we maxed 50+ and clowned around the […]

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