[EU] Duck Defense

Hey Helpers! Today we logged on CPR for a duck event, however we decided to defend our server as well. Wearing some inflatable ducks, we had a great battle against DCP even though we lost 1-0. However seeing as though the decision to defend was last minute, two ties is pretty good. Nice job Helpers!

MAX: 44+

Make sure to comment for a promotion.

17 Responses

  1. I came!

  2. i was here

  3. I attended

  4. attended

  5. THANK YOU FOR HOSTING, snowflake-Soft

  6. I attended !

  7. cp- CapSwan22
    discord- CapSwan22
    I Attended!!

  8. i went! i just had to leave after the first room ended 🙁 -skadootoot

  9. i attended!

  10. Me attended! 🌊🧃🥳

  11. The party starts now cuz i waddled in

    Jk xd

  12. i attended!

  13. I came~

  14. I attended

  15. I attended thx for hosting

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