Uniform Guide!

Hey there Helpers! Read on for a short guide on how to get our uniform!

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Huge Army Event

Hey Helpers!! Not long ago, Helpforce logged onto Mammoth on CPATG for the Huge Army Event!

The event went relatively better than the last few events in numbers and enthusiasm, along with that the tactics and formations were done wonderfully and with great coordination!! This shows us that all the recruiting that we’ve done over the week has come into place. So let’s all keep recruiting both during segments and when we’re free and take Help Force to the next step! Hope to see you all at the Ausia Comeback Event later! <3
Here are a few images from the event:


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US Huge Army Event

Heyy Helpers! Recently, Help Force Logged onto Mammoth on CPATG yet again for their US Army Event!

The event went considerably well with the members showing hype and enthusiasm throughout the event, as well as doing the formations neatly and with zest. The event was then followed by a Card Jitsu Tournament, won by our First in Command Spotty!
Moreover, let’s all keep recruiting and have Help Force grow higher and higher in numbers day by day! Hope to see you all at the next event, Unleash the power of helping!!
Here are a few images from the event:

MAX: 27+

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Unscheduled UK Event

Hey Helpers! On Monday, Help Force logged onto Mammoth on CPATG for an Unscheduled Event!

This event was marked as Help Force’s First-ever event on CPATG! (Club Penguin Army The Game). Although the max had come down for self-evident reasons, it is still pretty amazing and astounding for the first day on a new CPPS and an unscheduled event! The event went well with the tactics and formations done deftly and with enthusiasm!
Here are a few images from the event:


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The Helper Exodus

Hey there Helpers,
You might’ve noticed and heard stuff happening around and in Help Force. Read this post and get your mind cleared, As a brief statement > We are no longer in Club Penguin Online , and it’s Army Central. We have moved into a much better , fairer and smarter league run legitimately. Join the new Help Force Discord from Here > https://discord.gg/HQGQTNT
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The Help Force Diaries

Hi there Helpers! Welcome back to another edition of the Help Force Diaries! This weekly blog post review’s the previous week’s events and activities, which is a fun way of reminding yourself of what happened in the Help Force! This week we saw events, and igloo raid a new GoTW and lots more, so sit tight, strap yourself in, this is the Help Force Diaries!
Dear Diary,
This week was a bit lop-sided in terms of events, with the two major events of the week happening on the weekend. Firstly of course, was the Saturday Army Training, which happened to fall on our 1ic Spotty’s Birthday! Despite Spotty not being able to lead, Leaders Lottie and Tistle both led rooms in the event, displaying witty tactics related to Spotty and ensuring that the event ran as smoothly as possible. This event maxed 60, which considering Thanksgiving had happened this week too, this was a convincing max to sum up a week’s hard work recruiting. Here are some pics of the Birthday Event:
The following day Help Force hosted an Igloo Raiding event, attended by well over 40 members, some helping out, and some attempting to acquire the extreme 30 penguin igloo stamp. This event as usual was a massive success, with stamps being gained left, right and centre which kept the event flowing nicely. This was a nice way to round off a quiet week, due to Thanksgiving celebrations. As with all Fun events, tactics were done before beginning the event, so here’s a sample of the tactics done then:
This week’s Gamer of The Week was without doubt one of the most deserved victories in months as Kendall destroyed the whole competition and winning with double the amount of points to her closest rival! Kendall’s persistent segment attendance over the last few weeks showed that it had paid off as she won one of the most prestigious awards in the Army! Congrats again Kendall!
In conclusion to this week’s post, an apology from me for the late publishing due to the vast amounts of tea being spilled all over the place (My kettle needs a holiday). After many problems with some members of the community this week, Help Force creator Ayan made a statement, shown with this link: https://hfofcpo.com/2019/12/02/recent-happenings/ concerning the troubles we have been facing recently. However, this is now an event of the past, something which is not worth dwelling on. A belated thank you from me for reading this week’s small and overdue edition of The Help Force Diaries. Don’t forget to keep Unleashing the Power of Helping Helpers!

Time Zones

Struggling to figure out which time events are for you? If so, this post will help you find your time zone!

Below, are time zone maps for different countries across the world. All time zones on the maps are UTC/GMT + 1,2,3 etc. When event times are posted, you can go to the map which has your continent and find your time zone. For example, if you live in California, which is in the PST time zone, you will have to work out GMT – 8, if the PST time isn’t listed. The GMT time zone will always be posted along with a few other time zones.

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Get to Know the Help Force Staff: Skeleton Lad

Hey Helpers! The Help Force staff team has grown like ever before, with some Dynasties even coming back to serve again. This time, I’m taking over this series and flipping it onto our previous author, Skeleton Lad, also usually called “ret”, “skel”, or “skele,” has been in the Help Force since December 26th, 2018. Can you believe that? Everyone has something special about them, and I’m sure you can spot him everywhere with the amazing art he creates, and piña coladas. In this interview, you’ll find out so much more about this beloved member of the HF than you ever thought.
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Recent Happenings

Hey there Helpers,
Earlier today I heard about all of the recent stuff happening in HF regarding & done from some of the major Spanish community people in the Help Force. First of all I would like to tell all of you reading the post to watch out for any news / screenshots / talks that you hear to or receive because there are a number of photoshopped conversations along with exposed details being circulated by these people. Report them to the Staff team if you get one ASAP and block them whoever DMed you.
People in the past who were not satisfied with the position being offered to them or who thought of them as gods who could break rules & then get away with it , have tried to do all of this stuff and have failed miserably, mostly leading to a Ban from any corresponding server along with the character downfall on the other side. It is these retards who are into such self obsession that they can’t think of anybody else except for themselves and whatever they’re aiming for.
To Tato , Maurox & others : When I used to lead the HF, I had always considered you as those people who were able to help me out and run the community whenever needed. From what all i’ve seen and heard, if you do not think Mass Pinging , Swearing , Trolling Staff is a major issue, y’all should probably join another army and try to do that. It’s an extent that you went to Expose the personal details of HF Leaders, how f-ed up can you be to do that lmao. Used to think of yall as friends but this has just ended it totally. Im removing your names from the Hall of Fame, along with that make sure not to be around HF ever again, Also make sure not to circulate more of the Private Info of HF Leaders, I have yours stored with me.
Help Force has always been United as a Front and always will be ; Unleash the Power of Helping.

Face Of The Force – Strength

Hey Helpers! Welcome to this week’s second Face Of The Force!
As I told you before, I’m doing another one to make up for the lack of them. Next week Face Of The Force should return to the normal schedule (At least until Christmas break)!
Not every member has to be in the Force for ages to be important. Sometimes you can join and become someone worth looking up to almost instantly. This is the case with our current Face; Strength!
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