Destructive7's Stupendous Stamp Scavenging Guide! Part 2


Hey everyone! May the [Help] Force be with you! I got some amazing feedback on my last post and I’m simply awed by everyone’s happiness! This is really inspirational to me and so, I’m making this post! Ta-da! Anyways, this guide is going to be a bit lengthier than my previous post because unlike Thin Ice, other CPO mini-games are almost always randomised except for a select few. I’m really excited about this mini-game because its really fast and if you can get all the stamps, you can increase your coin profits by a lot! Anyways, let’s get this bread!
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Spotty's Birthday Event – Big Army Event

Hey Helpers! Yesterday, Help force logged onto Zipline for Spotty’s Birthday Event! Which was this week’s Big Army Event!

If you couldn’t tell by the name of the event, this was an event to celebrate the birthday of Spotty – a club penguin online moderator, First in command and Main Leader in Help Force and of course not to forget one of the best leaders in Army League.
Overall the event went great with tactics and formations done promptly and neatly as always! Hope to see y’all at the next event! Here are a few images from the event:
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