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Hey everyone! May the [Help] Force be with you! I got some amazing feedback on my last post and I’m simply awed by everyone’s happiness! This is really inspirational to me and so, I’m making this post! Ta-da! Anyways, this guide is going to be a bit lengthier than my previous post because unlike Thin Ice, other CPO mini-games are almost always randomised except for a select few. I’m really excited about this mini-game because its really fast and if you can get all the stamps, you can increase your coin profits by a lot! Anyways, let’s get this bread!

Cart Surfer

An amazing mini-game originally added by Disney’s Club Penguin ( like all other mini-games). This mini-game usually lasts from anywhere between 10 seconds to 4 minutes and is a really quick way to get stamps and coins. A few basic rules I guess, to control the cart you use the arrow keys to move the direction and the space bar to make the cart jump. Doing a combination of these keys makes your penguin do special tricks and stuff doing the run. You can also bring your Black Puffle into the mini-game which is really cool. When you approach a corner, bright signs appear on the wall showing which way you have to turn.
The picture below is a picture of a Stamp Book without any of the stamps from Cart Surfer:

This picture here is after earning every stamp for Cart Surfer:


Now, listed here are the stamps available in Cart Surfer, their descriptions and their difficulty!
Great Balance Stamp: Recover from a wobble – (Easy)

Cart Pro Stamp: Earn 150 coins in one game – (Medium)

Mine Marvel Stamp: Perform 10 tricks in the cart – (Medium)

Mine Mission Stamp: Perform 10 tricks out of the cart – (Medium)

Trick Master Stamp: Perform 14 different tricks – (Medium)

Puffle Power Stamp: Recover from a wobble with a puffle – (Medium)

Cart Expert Stamp: Earn 250 coins in one game – (Hard)

Mine Grind Stamp: Grind around 8 corners – (Hard)

Surf’s Up Stamp: Surf around 8 corners – (Hard)

Flip Mania Stamp: Flip 20 times in a row without crashing – (Hard)

Ultimate Duo Stamp – Perform 20 tricks with your puffle – (Hard)

Cart Master Stamp – Earn 350 coins in one game – (Extreme)

Random Info

Now, the fun thing about Cart Surfer is that like other mini-games, you can get some stamps together if you can figure it out how. This also brings in the fact that there are some stamps you CAN NOT get together like the Surf’s Up Stamp and the Mine Grind Stamp.
Doing the same trick twice in a row halves the points given. For example: Doing a ‘Flip’ once gives you 100 points but doing it again only gives 50 points.
Grinding a corner and doing the trick again will still be counted as doing it twice in a row. While Grind is a trick, it falls into a different class of tricks like Surfing.
If you crash during a trick, you will not get any points for it.
Doing some tricks causes a tiny lag to occur just as the trick ends. This lasts about half a second and can be brutal if your trick ends just before a corner as the penguin will not respond for that period of time to any controls (no matter how much you hit your keyboard).
Some stamps are worded quite literally and some quite vague. This allows you to push the boundaries a tiny bit.
The mini-game has a weird system of time where a run will last 8 corners and a bit of a  straight stretch. However, crashing at a corner extends this limit. More information about this at the end!
When you reach the end, your penguin is in the room, Mine Shack. If you quit during the run, your penguin will be in the room, Mine.

Tricks & Methods

* = Does not Count towards the trick master stamp
** = Points given is based on how long the trick is used; void if crashed

The Guide

Finally! I thought it’d take forever to reach this part after all the information above. Anyways, I’ll be doing the guide stamp-by-stamp to make it easier to go through!

Great Balance Stamp

Quite literally, the easiest stamp in the game. Move the cart using the → or ← arrow keys till your penguin waves its flippers around. When you reach that point, quickly let go of the arrow key and let the cart return to a stable position. That will give you your stamp.
You can do this either at a corner or in a straight stretch. Don’t stretch your luck or you’ll lose your balance.

Puffle Power Stamp

Bring your Black Puffle and do the same thing as above. If you want, you can do both at one time by just bringing your puffle the first time.

Mine Grind Stamp

While shown as a ‘Hard’ stamp, the stamp is actually quite easy if you can get the keyboard controls down easily. Every time you get close to a corner, start a Grind Turn trick and let go of it when you see your penguin starting to fall backwards. A good point threshold for each grind is approximately 35-70 points per grind. Getting anything higher or lower is ok, but this is usually the safe range.

Surf’s Up Stamp

This stamp follows the same rules as the Mine Grind Stamp but can be made easier if you are patient. When the game begins, press the ↑ key and wait for corners to arrive. As each corner arrives, just use either the → or ← keys to navigate through it. This stamp honestly doesn’t live up to its name as a ‘Hard’ stamp with such an easy trick.

Mine Marvel Stamp

A ‘Medium’ stamp that gets quite easy when you realise you can use the same trick 10 times to complete this stamp. A good trick to use for this stamp is the ‘Flip’ trick as it doesn’t last too long and is easy to use compares to other tricks. With this, make this marvellous stamp yours.

Mine Mission Stamp

A ‘Medium’ stamp that is as easy as the Mine Marvel Stamp. To get this stamp, use a trick that makes your penguin get out of the cart. A good trick for this is the ‘Track Runner’ trick. While it does last a second or so, it is one of the few tricks that work for this stamp.

Flip Mania Stamp

A ‘Hard’ stamp that lives up to its name as it makes you feel like a maniac the more frustrated you become at this stamp. For this stamp, use the ‘Flip’ trick 20 times in a row, without crashing or other tricks. You need to use regular ‘Turns’ for this stamp as ‘Grind Turns’ or ‘Surf Turns’ won’t give you the stamp. A simple way to do the ‘Flip’ trick successively is to hold the ↓ key down and then using the ‘Space Bar’ key. This lets you do flips much easier instead of accidentally using other tricks. This is an important trick to remember as you’ll need to use it again for other stamps as well and in general, coin grinding.

Ultimate Duo Stamp

Once again, your Black Puffle makes a return. A good way to get this stamp without actively worrying about it is to bring your puffle along while getting the Flip Mania Stamp. This helps you cut down on time and reduces your burden. Always nice when that happens. The perfect, ultimate way to get this stamp!

Trick Master Stamp

A ‘Medium’ stamp that is a good test of your mastery of tricks in the mini-game. When they say 14 tricks, they mean 14 tricks. Now, you may be saying “But there are only 12 tricks…and one of them doesn’t even count! How is that meant to work?!” Yea, it’s weird but the only way for this to work is by using the side-variations for the tricks as well. For example, a ‘Flip’ trick has only one method but the ‘Grind Turn’ trick both, the left and right variations to use. You’ll need to use 14 in total for this. I’ve included a list just below this for you to remember:
[ Space Bar + ← ] — Left Spin
[ Space Bar + → ] — Right Spin
[ Space Bar + ↓ ] — Cart Slam
[ ↓ + ↓ ] — Track Runner
[ ↓ + Space Bar ] — Flip
[ Space Bar + ↑ ] — Leap
[ ↑ + ↑ ] — Handstand
[ ↑ + Space bar ] — Surf Jump
[ → ] — Normal Right Turn
[ ← ] — Normal Left Turn
[ ↑ + → ] — Right Surf Turn
[ ↑ + ← ] — Left Surf Turn
[ ↓ + → ] — Right Grind Turn
[ ↓ + ← ] — Left Grind Turn
Doing all these tricks will give you the stamp. It may seem tricky, but its worth mastering.

{Cart Pro / Cart Expert / Cast Master} Stamps

As these stamps are more or less the same, I’ll be grouping them as one. Our goal is to get 350 coins in one run for the stamps. For this, we’ll be needing a few things. The ability to multitask a bit, a brain and lots of patience!
We’ll be using the ‘Flip’ and ‘Spin’ tricks for this as they give the most amount of coins for a trick. To further help with this, I recommend using ‘Grind Turns’ for this during corners as it is easier to switch between instead of ‘Surf Turns’.
To maximise points, you will need to alternate between ‘Flips’ and ‘Spins’ so that you don’t get half points for repeating tricks. [Remember: Doing the same trick before and after a ‘Grind Turn’ is considered as doing it twice in a row. Thus, half points!]
The problem isn’t here though, it’s quite easy to remember the tricks you use and alternating between them. The problem lies in something quite a bit different. Corner Counting.
As I mentioned waaay above, crashing at corners extends the timeframe of the game. It goes from 2 minutes to well over 3 minutes if you’re really good! Since the game only lasts 8 corners, we need to extend that by almost 5 corners to get above 350 coins. This is where the ‘Corner Crash’ principle comes in. Back in the days of the original CP, players had discovered a way to extend the game by crashing at specific corners. This is often called the ‘Optimal Crash’ since crashing at corners extends the game by at least one extra corner!
This is absolutely fantastic! A normal game with 8-turns can be lengthened to increase how many tricks you do. With testing, you’ll find that crashing on the 8th turn will only give you one extra turn. However, crashing on the 7th turn gives you two extra turns! Combine that with the fact that you can crash on the second extra turn to gain two more extra turns, and we’re talking about a 13-turn long game! Revolutionary indeed!
TL;DR: Crash on the 7th, 9th and 11th turns for more turns and thus, more coins!
Combine both these tips and you could get coins from anywhere from 340 to 400 easily! And once you get the double coin bonus, that’s 680 to 800 coins every 3-4 minutes! Feel like laughing evilly yet? Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Those are all the stamps for Cart Surfer! Whew, kinda long wasn’t it? But regardless, you now have more knowledge about this and so, you guys can grind faster and easier for all those items you want to buy! Go forth and flaunt thy wealth! I’ll see you all in my next post!

Credits: CPO for the game; hagrid for love and support; CHLOe for inspiration and bean pea for helping create pun force [P.s. join us by adding {pun Force} to your username!

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