Recent Happenings

Hey there Helpers,
Earlier today I heard about all of the recent stuff happening in HF regarding & done from some of the major Spanish community people in the Help Force. First of all I would like to tell all of you reading the post to watch out for any news / screenshots / talks that you hear to or receive because there are a number of photoshopped conversations along with exposed details being circulated by these people. Report them to the Staff team if you get one ASAP and block them whoever DMed you.
People in the past who were not satisfied with the position being offered to them or who thought of them as gods who could break rules & then get away with it , have tried to do all of this stuff and have failed miserably, mostly leading to a Ban from any corresponding server along with the character downfall on the other side. It is these retards who are into such self obsession that they can’t think of anybody else except for themselves and whatever they’re aiming for.
To Tato , Maurox & others : When I used to lead the HF, I had always considered you as those people who were able to help me out and run the community whenever needed. From what all i’ve seen and heard, if you do not think Mass Pinging , Swearing , Trolling Staff is a major issue, y’all should probably join another army and try to do that. It’s an extent that you went to Expose the personal details of HF Leaders, how f-ed up can you be to do that lmao. Used to think of yall as friends but this has just ended it totally. Im removing your names from the Hall of Fame, along with that make sure not to be around HF ever again, Also make sure not to circulate more of the Private Info of HF Leaders, I have yours stored with me.
Help Force has always been United as a Front and always will be ; Unleash the Power of Helping.

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