US Tactics + CJ Tournament

Hey Helpers! Yesterday, Help Force Logged onto Mammoth on CPATG for the US Tactic Event and Card Jitsu tournament!

The tactics part of the event went well with the tactic and formations done neatly in all the 3 rooms! soon after, we proceeded onto the CJ Tournament which Tree won! Here are a few pics of the event:

MAX: 28+

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Holiday Championship – Round 1

Hey Helpers! On Sunday, Help Force logged onto Mammoth for the first round of the Holiday Championship against the Templars!

We started the battle in the Iceberg, then later moved to the Ski Village and subsequently the Stadium! The result was as follows – Iceberg: Draw; Ski Village: HF,=; Stadium: HF. Help Force won by 2-0, which is amazing and considering that we’ve been in CPA for hardly 2 weeks, makes it better! This also shows us that all the recruiting we’ve done has not gone to waste, So let’s keep recruiting and take Help Force to the next step once again!
The Event went great with everyone hyped and doing the tactics as well as formations quickly and deftly! Here are a few images from the event:

MAX: 30+

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[AUSIA] Fashion Party

Hey there Helpers! Earlier today, Help Force logged onto Blizzard on CP Rewritten for the Ausia event and then later onto Mammoth on CPATG for the Fashion Show!

We started off in Town on CPR and then moved to the Stadium. The tactics and formations were done neatly and deftly in both the rooms. Soon after, we Logged onto CPATG for the Fashion Show at Spotty’s igloo, the themes were based on Christmas as it is approaching. Overall, the event went great and shows us that our Ausia’s coming back strong!
Here are a few pictures from the event:

MAX: 35+

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Huge Weekend Training

Hey there Helpers! Yesterday, Help Force logged onto their server Frostbite for their Huge Weekend Training Event!

During the Second room of the event, we changed into the Gingerbread man costume as Christmas was approaching! The event went great with everyone doing the tactics both neatly and enthusiastically!
Also, I would also like to add that we should all keep recruiting and attending segments as more active recruits would play a vital role in the army’s performance during army events especially as the Holiday Championship is soon! Hope to see you all at the tournament against templars! Here are a few pictures from the event:

MAX: 30+

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Snowflake Takeover Event

Hey Helpers! On Thursday, Help Force Logged onto Marshmallow on CP rewritten for their Snowflake Takeover Event!

We were dressed up in the snowflake costume – which was obtainable from the advent calendar in the forest. We started off in town and later moved to docks. The event went well with the tactics and formations being done on time! Thank you to those that came! <3
Here are a few images from the event:


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Tip the Berg Event!

Heyy Helpers! On Tuesday, Help Force Logged onto Blizzard on CP Rewritten for the Tip the Berg Event!

We started off in Town, surrounding it and helping both our members and casual CPR players with the Happy room stamp! Later on during the event, we moved to tip the Iceberg. But unfortunately, we found out that the berg could not be tipped then. We then proceeded and helped members to earn the Igloo host and Party Host stamps, which are the 10 and 30 penguins at your igloo stamps respectively.
The event went great, maxing over 30 and the tactics were done neatly too! Here are a few images from the event:


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[US] Army Training

Hey there Helpers! Today, we logged onto Mammoth and did a US training event!

Today was our first time trying a different time within the US timezone. As requested by those in Western US, the event time was pushed out 3 hours behind the usual US event time. The max was not as much as we hoped, but those that attended the event made it a great one! Read more to see some pictures from the event!

MAX: 15+


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HF & Christmas Trivia

Howdy Helpers!! Help Force recently hosted their Trivia along with a Tactics event on Mammoth in CPATG!

The event was hosted at a US time and although USA timezones haven’t been our strongest, every helper who did come came with great enthusiasm, with tactics and formations beautifully done to hyped up troops during the trivia. 

The trivia went amazingly well! There were 2 rounds, an HF round and a Christmas round with several questions based on general knowledge. Once again, everyone was hyped and eager during the trivia.

A huge thanks to everyone that came! Be sure to come to other events throughout the week! <3

Here are a few pictures were taken during the event:

MAX: 16+

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CPR December Catalog Guide

Hey there Helpers! It has come to my attention, that a lot of you have been asking about the catalog secrets. So from now on, each month I will release all the catalog secrets!

Read on for a guide on getting all of the catalog secrets!

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[AUSIA] Comeback Event

Hey there Helpers! Earlier Help Force logged onto Mammoth on CPATG for their Ausia Comeback event!

Although the max wasn’t all that great, the event nonetheless went great being an Ausia event, with the members doing tactics and formations actively and with enthusiasm! This event too had great coordination just like the previous one! 
Here are a few pictures from the event:

MAX: 18+

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