Faces of the Force – Bean Pea

Welcome back to Faces of the Force! This time, we’re looking at genuinely one of the nicest people in the Force! The oddly named Bean Pea is a timid, but loving member of Help Force who can be found attending every event ever, talking about ‘being Leb’, I chose Bean as my interviewee this time because of how active she is in Help Force and how absolutely loving she is. I have never seen Bean say a harsh word to anyone, and I admire her for it. So, without further ado, I present to you…the Beni-Bean Interview! Please continue reading to see what happened:

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Invasion of Boots – SUCCESS!

Welcome back, fellow helpers!! Just a bit after Help force claimed Abominable Help Force logged onto Slushy once more to claim Boots on behalf of the NAA!!

Just like the other Invasion, this one went exceptionally well! Every troop was active and energetic during the event

Max: 52

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Invasion of Abominable – SUCCESS

Welcome back, Helpers!! Just this Saturday, Help Force logged onto Slushy to claim Abominable for the NAA!

The whole army was very hyped throughout the event and we ended up successfully invading the server!! Here are some of the pictures taken during the Event:

Max: 42

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GoTW #44 – Aoao 6

Hello Helpers! It’s time for this week’s Gamer of the Week! This week we have a new Gamer of the Week… Aoao6! We are sorry about your small twitter post delay. Congratulations!


Get to Know the Help Force Staff: Lottie

Hey Helpers! The Help Force is a place where personality development and inter-personal assistance flourishes. For this reason, I believe it’s important to get to know some of the Help Force figures that make this happen. The members, of course, play a tremendous role, but today we’ll be focusing on the moderating aspect in the Help Force. I had the pleasure of interviewing Lottie, one of the 3IC’s in the Help Force. Please continue reading to see what happened:

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The Retirement Post – Ayan's Retirement

Starting this Post itself gives me Chills. Never had I thought that a time would come where I would have to leave the Community , The Family , The Club Penguin Online’s Army I formed : The Help Force.

If this Post has been Published , It means that I , Unfortunately have retired from all the Armies , The Help Force and each Community which I was in the Virtual World.

Click on the “Read More” to Go through the Entire Journey of me and the Help Force.
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End of an Era

Howdy Helpers, Yesterday Help Force logged onto ZIPLINE to host a goodbye event for our beloved leader Ayan.

As many of you may know, Ayan was the founder of Help Force and has been leading it ever since. We had a whole week of fun events just for his retirement in which there were throwback events or just a nice fun event for Ayan to host! Sadly, the week came to an end and although Ayan actually retired from leadership a few days ago – This was his official last event in HF This event truly was an Emotional one for many of our members.

To dedicate our last Event with Ayan we included many special tactics just for him! Many of which were suggested by our members. The event went pretty well with most of our members giving their best tactic ideas to make ensure this event was going be an amazing send-off for Ayan.

Here are some pictures that were taken during the event:

Max: 57

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Faces of the Force – Silent_Moon

Faces of the Force – Silent_Moon

The Help Force website really is a valuable resource. Filled to the brim with information about armies, stamp segments and more, the first time I went on this website I saw a Meet the Mod article. I loved to read it, and I immediately started looking through others. I thought it was a wonderful way to bridge the gap between regular Helpers and staff. So, naturally, when I became a writer for the website.

I thought it would be really fun to bridge a second, unspoken gap: the gap between newcomers and familiar faces. With that being said, I introduce Faces of the Force, interviews from regular, non-staff members of Help Force.

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A Golden Era's End

Helpers on the retirement of Ayan/Kitkat89 :

Hey there Helpers! Sadly, on August 1st, 2019, Ayan retired from leader of The Help Force. He has been an amazing leader and we all appreciate everything he has done for the army. A few people have been asked to make statements regarding HF, Ayan, and his retirement. Read more to see what has been said! Continue reading

How To: Igloo Raids

Welcome to the Tutorials of Events. Today we take a look at one of the exciting events called Igloo Raids.

The HF hosts amazing events like the igloo raids.For Igloo Raids an announcement is given 24 Hours or earlier. In that announcement we are given a form! In that form we are required to say our Penguin name to make identifying easier. When the event starts it is usually the first person who filled the form in. one of the reasons for an Iggy Raid was so we could get the 30 Penguin Igloo Party Stamp!

The event is normally hosted by the Mother Cow of HF CPO Spotty.

The process is as follows:-

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