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How To: Igloo Raids

Welcome to the Tutorials of Events. Today we take a look at one of the exciting events called Igloo Raids.

The HF hosts amazing events like the igloo raids.For Igloo Raids an announcement is given 24 Hours or earlier. In that announcement we are given a form! In that form we are required to say our Penguin name to make identifying easier. When the event starts it is usually the first person who filled the form in. one of the reasons for an Iggy Raid was so we could get the 30 Penguin Igloo Party Stamp!

The event is normally hosted by the Mother Cow of HF CPO Spotty.

The process is as follows:-

  1. A form is sent on to the Discord channel and whoever wants to be raided could fill it in!

  2. We all log into the server and wait for commands by our leader

  3. We then are told on a new discord channel called the “igloo-raids” whose igloo to go to!

  4. Whenever we would go to an igloo, we would wait for a confirmation from the penguin whose igloo we were in if he got the stamp or not.

  5. Once confirmed the steps 3 and 4 were repeated for A LOT of igloos

NOTE: If you filled the form and are not online on CPO, sadly your igloo will be skipped!

So the igloo raids usually last around 2 hours. Though they’re usually VERY time consuming it was very fun! Whoever wanted their stamp gets it

This is how igloo raids would work in general! Thanks for tuning in!!

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