A Golden Era's End

Helpers on the retirement of Ayan/Kitkat89 :

Hey there Helpers! Sadly, on August 1st, 2019, Ayan retired from leader of The Help Force. He has been an amazing leader and we all appreciate everything he has done for the army. A few people have been asked to make statements regarding HF, Ayan, and his retirement. Read more to see what has been said!
Ayan came up with a simple idea to help fellow penguins in the game we all love, CP Online. He assembled a team to try to get the idea of helping each other to grow bigger. As armies came to be, Ayan’s leadership abilities began to blossom. He balanced the discipline of army training with a mixture of fun activities that is at the core of the Help Force. With all his work our HF family has grown into what it is today. We all salute his vision and effort in the hopes that we all can attain the legendary status that he so deserves.
Hey Ayan, Since I first met you, until now, you’ve always been a great person and leader. Even tho you were scary, it was because you needed to be like that when leading the army. You’ve also been a very funny person. So thanks for everything you’ve done for us :3 Please come back to us in a few years to see how we’ve changed! P.S: Maybe your pfps were also a reason of why you are so scary :joy:

Attacker: (this speech contains mild swearing)
Ayan started this army on his own and created not only an army but a family between the community. When I first joined Help Force the only reason i wanted to keep doing stamp events and helping everyone was because of him. Me and one of the other Help Force Legends Shoto would stay and do extra time after events all thanks to Ayan. From when me and Ayan were leading the Army together it was honestly some of my favorite memories with him. Leading the army events on voicechat, when he talked for the first time in vc for like 2 seconds :joy: and really just the community we made together. We had our fights and different opinions on some situations but thanks to him always being here for everyone the army has grown an insane amount from where we started at. Ayan, thanks for everything, you brought me apart of something I could never forget enjoy your retirement man i hope we can still talk every now and then.
PS: You were always a bitch <3

Dear Ayan, I’ll try not to be cliche but this is going to be cliche. After nearly one year of knowing you and 4 months of being friends, I can’t believe you are finally retiring. Help Force really won’t be the same without you. I want to thank you for founding this amazing community. I made lots of friends including you. Time really flew by quickly, but all of our memories together will hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for all the laughs, jokes and moments. Out of my 3 years on Discord, you were and still are one of my closest friends. I hope one day we can meet, so that you can fulfill your wishes and slap me #HFReunion2025. Thank you for everything. You really are the greatest, never forget that. I wish you the best of luck in life and in your studies. Don’t forget us 😉

~Yours truly, Kuklapa


Hey Ayan, I don’t know where to start from haha. Remember when we had an exam on the other day and you just asked me to create a cpo account? And then a day came when you created a server called “Helpful Friends” which is Help Force now. I still remember the day when you went crazy because there were 30 people in the Help Force server xD. Your intention was to help penguins with stamps and create a friendly community. Here we are today, HF has more than 5000 people and is like a loving virtual family to everyone. It’s been almost a year and a half since we both have been in Help Force and we’ve had loads of memories in this passage of time. From staying up all night to dating virtually to pinging me 753 times to attending and hosting HF events and segments to getting married on cpo uwu. I still laugh when I think about our “dates”:joy: There are probably thousands of memories to share xD. Remember when you slept during the exam because of the CPO Prom Party? LOL. Feels like it has been just a few weeks since you created HF. It was fun being a moderator and working with you and Help Force’s staff team. But, nothing could’ve been possible without you. You’ve been there for HF and for the members of HF in their good and bad times. You were, are and would always be a great leader. I respect you for all your hardwork and the efforts you’ve made for HF. Not just me ofc, but the whole community is gonna miss you a lot! Thank you Ayan! Ly:heart:
Your one and only, Kiara:chipmunk:
I have always admired your persistence to push us against all the odds. I’ve known you for more than a year, and yes I was very scared of you as you already know :joy: (still am ngl) but you were still one of the most humorous and generous people I knew. When HF was first created your intentions was just to help others not only that but you encouraged others to do the same! HF has been a loving, friendly and selfless community with a sole purpose of helping others and it all started from you. Your intentions and selflessness is nothing like I’ve seen! You did everything you did for the benefit of the army and that will always be appreciated from all of us uwu. All those times you scared the crap out of me like when you showed me a pic of myself when I was 12 yuck :E8: to when you scolded me not to drink and I stood at the party looking like an idiot just for a cp event :GWslippyPeepoH: but it was certainly worth it :’D I’ll definitely remember when you made fun of my precious Pepe emojis :GWsetmyxPeepoCry: or when I used to take kava naps :kavanap: before events and you yelling at me afterwards (hopefully that won’t happen with the new leaders owo) And I’ll frame your custom Peng I made for sure :huehue: btw you’re welcome for planning your wedding :eyes: Someone like you is hard to meet and I’m so thankful we did. You were an amazing friend, a remarkable leader and not to mention a person with a big heart. I never thought of the day that you would retire. From the moment I joined up to now – you’ve taught me so much and I could only wish you the best in your exams! Just a reminder to keep your scariness to a minimum :joy: I’ll be sure to be more active on the blog posts once you leave!! Help Force will not let you down and I hope you have the best retirement you could’ve never imagined :EH:
From the one and only, Icycreamey :icy:
I first joined Help Force in May 2018, after they helped me to achieve the iceberg 30 penguin stamp. Since I first joined I’ve always admired Ayan’s way of leading. Like strict but not too strict. I would like to thank Ayan for creating Help Force, for thinking of others and helping them to collect stamps. Thank you for making this wonderful community, it wouldn’t be the same without you. All the effort you’ve put in, all the army and fun events you’ve led. I hope you have a relaxing retirement, cause god you deserve it. Hope you look forward to all my lovely emails. I’ll make sure to keep saying oh.
Thanks Ayan for creating HF ! I’ll miss you Soo much as I am being talking with you more than 1 year and I still remember the day when you recruit me in HF thanks for recruiting me . Hope you will have fun in ur new journey . Take my best wishes !!!!!!!!!!
Kitkat, we’ve been friends for a long time haha, it’s crazy to see how far the HF has come. I remember when I joined, I was super intimidated by you, not sure why. Of course I’ve gotten over that now haha. When I was super active in the HF so many months ago (geez such a long time ago now that I think about it). I was shocked when you gave me Event Leader, I never thought that I was even active enough to get a role like that. I’m still shocked even though it was so long ago, anyways thanks for being understanding that I wasn’t gonna be active when I got Trial Mod. Never gonna forget when me, you and Elp played roulette in the HF everyday haha, and Elp telling us we were making insane bets. Never gonna forget when you and Elp had taken and asked me all the Mod questions haha. Honestly my day wouldn’t be complete without that happening. Or when you took that screenshot of my typo LOL I’ll never live that down, not as long as you and Twas still that pic. All jokes aside though, you’re a really awesome leader, I’m so proud to see what the HF has become, you’ll be missed. Thanks for everything Kitkat, I wish you the best with your life and future, happy retirement – Cookie
Ayan in all of the years I have been in the help force has helped me realize that even in small numbers there is power. He has brought all of these amazing people together and helped us help other as a group and a family. I greatly appreciate adrian and I will forever have him in my heart. Thank you Ayan For Everything!
When I met Ayan I didn’t know who this new guy really was. Then after talking to him and talking about strategies I realized that he is a modern day Legend. I am proud to see how Help Force is a World Power. Ayan has became a good friend of mine and I hope for him to move on with his life. Help Force will move on to bigger and greater things as he has left Help Force in good hands with Spotty and Elp.
Honestly, I didn’t think I would be as emotional as I was on Thursday. I cried my heart out and honestly I’m gonna miss you SO much. You’ve been an amazing leader Ayan. I cannot even express how much I look up to you and how much I’ve learned from you. It’s insane how much you’ve done for HF and I admire that greatly. Thank you for being a great leader, role model, and most of all, friend. I thought you were chill when I first met you and you are probably one of the coolest ppl I know. Thank you for being a good friend. Thank you for giving me all the chances you’ve given me in HF stuff. (Using my dumb tactics, letting me do stuff on the site, etc) Most of all, thanks you for creating HF. You created the place where my heart lies always and forever, and for that I can never thank you enough.
I’ve been a leader for a long time. By leader, I don’t mean like Spotty and Elp. I mean that I’ve been in many leadership positions throughout my life, and I really do believe I’m a capable one. However, I have never been the leader of something so massive and so impactful like Help Force. I think that takes a special kind of person; a person who is determined, strives for excellence, and doesn’t back down. Ayan has proven himself to be exactly that kind of person. I joined HF very recently, and within my first week I became incredibly devoted to it. I did research on tons of different previous battles and the history of armies in general. I found myself, within minutes, being incredibly inspired by Ayan. In fact, it shocked me that he was younger than me, because I saw him, in my head, as this 7-foot-tall, no nonsense adult. I haven’t been personal with Ayan, but I feel my heart break during his retirement because of my love for Help Force.
So, in closing, I do not think we should be saying farewell to Ayan or even saying Thank You to him. I think we should be apologizing. We should be apologizing to the future members of Help Force, because they will not have the honor to be lead by someone as inspirational as Ayan. We should be apologizing because we have wonderful memories of Ayan, and they will not.
So, for all of those new members in the future who are stalking the HF website and stumble across this post, please accept my humblest apologies.

Photos from the farewell event:


Thanks to everyone who said something for Ayan. Even if what you’ve said is not featured here, thanks to anyone who wrote something for him. Another thank you to all those who attended the farewell event. 
A message from me on behalf of everyone in HF: Ayan, we Ayan you. Thank you for starting HF, we will all be forever grateful. Unleash the power of Helping! 


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